4321 Shape Up Day and Night Capsules

Holland & Barrett have some interesting diet pills available to buy either in store or via their official website. Shape Up Day & Night from Arkopharma is a relatively new product that has a rather unique angle. The capsules are formulated on the basis of Chronobiology.

Chronobiology is a field of science that examines periodic (cyclic) phenomena in living organisms and their adaptation to solar (day) and lunar (night) related rhythms. Which is rather convoluted way off associating a product with how we react to different times of the day.

The principle that 4321 Shape Up uses is to deliver nutrients to the body at the right times of day in tune with the bodys metabolism.

4321 Shape Up Day Capsules

The day capsule is meant for an immediate and intense elimination, cleansing, purifying and toning action.

4321 Shape Up Night Capsules

The night capsule is intended for extended time release, for a regular weight loss action while you sleep. Contains Grapemax, an extract obtained from viticulture (the quality cultivation of grapes), which improves the richness of the detoxifying active ingredients.

4321 Shape Up Day And Night Side Effects

Should not cause any unwanted side effects if taken as prescribed.

Does 4321 Shape Up Day And Night Work

Not a great deal of consumer comments and success stories – this is a product we will have to revisit at a later date.

Where To Buy Shape Up

There are several stockists online as well as a majority of Holland and Barrett stores across Britain.

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