Can Alli Cause Liver Damage

Can Alli Cause Liver DamageIn April of this year (2009) Alli, the  pharmaceutically produced diet pill was introduced to the UK.

On the day of release an estimated £1m worth of stock was sold with high street stockists such as Boots, Superdrug and many online dispensaries selling out within a few days.

Alli was released a year earlier in the United States and even though 12 months of Alli usage by US consumers revealed an embarrassing but mostly incovenient side effect nothing of serious nature was documented.

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Now its seems a far more sinister side effect has been  reported with both the FDA (US) and MHRA (UK) governmental bodies revealing that Alli could be linked to some serious health issues including liver damage.

FDA And MHRA Warn Over Potential Serious Side Effects

Xenical Orlistat and AlliThe main ingredient in Alli is Orlistat – the chemical compound that is also present in the prescription only Xenical.

Xenical has been available since the turn of the century and although reports of serious side effects have been few and far between – one is possibly one too many.

GlaxoSmithKline, the pharmaceutical giant who manufactures Alli released a statement saying “the safety of consumers was of ‘utmost importance’ to the company and that it supplied all information about adverse effects to Government drugs bodies.” – meaning the FDA and the MHRA.

A spokesman for the FDA said: ‘We have received rare reports of hepatitis and other liver-related laboratory abnormalities in people taking orlistat. The FDA is closely monitoring this issue to determine the need for any regulatory action

What Now For Alli

Could it be that Alli is the lastest pharmaceutical slimming drug to be removed from public consumption – earlier this year saw a prescription appetite suppressant Acomplia Rimonbant withdrawn amid similar safety concerns.

If Alli is withdrawn from the market it will leave the major pharmaceutical companies in a very precarious position.

The diet pill and slimming tablet industry is worth billions in many parts of the world – public confidence will be completely destroyed.

The natural world competes with the pharmaceutical world and any move by either the FDA or the MHRA will shift the power back to more naturally produced products.

Alli Alternatives

PhenQ buy directWhichever side of the fence you sit on you have to give credit to mother nature – whilst chemists and science are busy forumlating the latest and greatest slimming products, natural substances such as PhenQ have been available for millenniums.

Man has yet to formulate a product that can suppress appetite as effectively and without causing health issues as PhenQ

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