What Side Effects Does Alli Cause

Its been a while since we have written anything on the diet pill sensation of 2009 – Alli

When Alli was first introduced most discussion topics were focused on the potential side effects that Ali could cause.

Alli Orlistat was first released on the American market mid 2008, the UK followed several months later.

American Alli users coined the phrase “Alli Oops” in reference to that side effect that some users experienced whilst using the diet pill.

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The Alli Side Effect

So lets discuss the Alli side effect (not side effects, there appears to be just the one).

Without getting to technical this is what happens when you take Alli …

Firstly, Alli is a fat blocker – this means the active ingredient (Orlistat) stops or prevents some (about 28% – 30%) of the fat from the food that you eat from entering and being absorbed by your digestive system.

So this undigested or unabsorbed fat does not congregate on your stomach, hips, bum or anywhere else on your body where you are prone to fatty deposits.

But – it has to leave your body somehow and somewhere! The undigested, unabsorbed fat leaves your body via bowel movements and as this portion of fat has not being through your stomach’s digestive process it is still in its raw state, ie… an orange goo.

The fact remains though – the Alli oops problem does not occur frequently, it is only occasionally.

Alli critics are keen to point this out but this is just underlines the fact that the diet pill is actually working and doing its job.

In the same same vein as you cannot make a omelette without breaking eggs and every positive reaction has an equal negative reaction (and other inappropriate idioms) РYou cannot expect something that blocks fat from entering one direction or place to not be re-routed.

Perhaps the best quotation we have found is a snippet from a weight loss forum.

“Ladies – if you want pristine white panties at all times whilst remaining unhappy, self conscious and fat don’t use Alli.

However – if you want a tried, tested and trusted way of losing your excess body fat with the occasional yellow spot in your smalls, use Alli”

Alli – The Bottom Line

Even with the most famous side effect in diet pill history Alli is still an ultra effective and highly recommended diet pill.

It is the only FDA approved diet pill that is available to buy without prescription.

Where To Buy Alli

Alli is now available in store at a handful of selected stores – you will need to complete a questionnaire before purchase

In our opinion there are better products available.

PhenQ for example is a multi action fat burner, fat blocker and appetite suppressant that will not give you the side effects that Alli can. PhenQ is available without prescription, it has a long 60 day money back guarantee and has no delivery cost attached to it.

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