Aspire Diet Drink Review

Aspire is refreshing soft drink that is said to help burn excess calories – the manufacturers suggest that each can help to burn on average over 200 calories (Kcals).

Available in just the one flavour to date, Cranberry, Aspire is familiar site in UK high street chemists, healths stores ans supermarkets.

When Aspire was first introduced it created a high level of interest and media publications such as the Daily Mail published an article titled “Diet Drink That Can Help Burn 200 Calories Per Day

  • Can help to burn calories 
  • Contains 5 calories (Kcals) per 100ml
  • Formula consists of carefully selected natural ingredients
  • One can provides a good source of vitamins
  • Cranberry flavoured and lightly carbonated

Does Aspire Diet Drink Work

A study group at Leeds Metropolitan University reported that a combination of Green Tea, Caffeine, amino acid and ginger could cause a thermogenic reaction if introduced simultaneously.

A thermogenic reaction (the process used by a majority of fat burners) causes the body to produce more heat to digest food and increases the metabolism expending more calories in the process.

This study although conducted with complete legitimacy was tested on only 20 subjects – 11 men and nine women. It is argued that a study group so small can sometimes produce untypical results.

Conclusion – Is Aspire Recommended

Apsire is certainly worth considering – at worse you have a great tasting soft drink.

If you are investing time and money onto a diet product and diet regime then obviously Aspire should not be relied upon solely. It is recommended to use Aspire to complement something else.

Where To Buy Aspire Diet Drink

Several high street stockists sell Aspire ranging from £1.59 to around £2.00 per can. Holland and Barrett and Waitrose perhaps the most likely to stock.

Alternative Diet Products

Fat burning can be incredibly effective, recently there have been an influx of products with varying degrees of legitimacy and success.

We have put together a list of the top fat burning commercial products available to buy without prescription.