What Are The Best Appetite Suppressants For Weight Loss

If you have made the decision to use an appetite suppressant the next step should be to select one that has a proven track record of success.

The sheer choice of appetite suppressants available on the market is formidable – reducing this down to effective appetite suppressants limits the choice to probably a handful.

Using an appetite suppressant in attempt to lose weight can be hit and miss – for every effective diet product there are a dozen others that disappoint.

If an appetite suppressant is your chosen diet product one route to take would be to make an appointment with your GP or doctor.

Prescription Appetite Suppressants

Appetite suppressants are available from the NHS via prescription but to qualify your BMI (Body Mass Index) would have to be high as the cost of producing pharmaceutical classed weight loss medication is high and doesn’t cover the cost of a prescription. Check Your BMI

The problem with prescription appetite suppressants (NHS) is that they are mostly chemical compounds and are drug based. Some prescription appetite suppressants such as Phentermine can cause side effects.

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Non Prescription Appetite Suppressants

The other option is to opt for a more natural diet pill – one that is available to buy without a prescription.

Possibly the best known genre and most widely used are those containing cactus extract.

Proactol Plus contains cactus extract as well as other natural substances for not only suppressing appetite but binding dietary fat to stop digestion.

Clinical trials reveal that 295 calories per day be prevented form being taken on by the body and approximately 27% of dietary fat can be prevented from being absorbed by the stomach.

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