Best Carb Blockers

Stopping the absorption of a portion of carbohydrate intake (carb blocking) is absolutely vital to anyone looking to diet and lose a few pounds.

Carbohydrates, although essential are a little too plentiful in the modern western diet and so some of the excess body fat you may have around your midriff, buttocks and thighs can be attributed to the consumption of too many carb rich foods.

Carbohydrates (carbs) are the main source of energy in the human body, they provide the fuel and come from a variety of foods that you eat. There are two types of carbohydrates: simple and complex.

Typical carbohydrate type foods are pasta , bread, pancakes, corn, root crops like potatoes, vegetables fruit juices and most packaged cereals.

The carbohydrates you consume are broken down into smaller sugar molecules, called glucose and digested by your stomach.

Once your food is digested into glucose, it travels in your bloodstream as the immediate source of energy or is kept in the liver and muscles as glycogen for use when you need more energy. The excess is converted into fat.

The cause of this fat excess can be stopped at source by the use of a Carb Blocker

The following are the three top Carb Blockers available to Uk Consumers.


Meratol is possibly the most attractive of all the carb blockers. Meratol is designed to reduce glycemic and insulinemic indexes of meals in everyday life.

It can reduce carb absorption by over 80%, reduce appetite by a half and reduce daily calorie consumption by nearly 30%.

Recently featured in the media and specifically by Lauren Goodger of TOWIE (The Only Way Is Essex) fame.

It is classed as side effect free and available by without prescription.

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The formulation has been developed buy one of the most respected pharmaceutical companies in Europe.

It has many satisfied customers – recently Gail Porter gave a glowing testimonial.

Decarb is responsible for preventing over 60% of carbohydrate absorption

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Dietrine is one of only a handful of commercially available diet products that has some clinical research and scientific study attached to it.

There are no less than 7 clinical studies performed on the brand both for effect and safety.

Dietrine contains Phase2 and can reduce carb absorption.

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