Best Diet Pills Available Without Prescription

Several years ago prescription only diet pills (diet pills that can only be obtained after consultation with your GP or doctor) were considered to be preferred to anything that could be purchased in high street chemists.

Prescription diet pills were (and still are) drug based and offered not only potency but also presented the chance of associated side effects. But even so the potency element seem to override the negative impact they could have on health.

Another factor that seemed to extent the prescription only route as the preference was the simple fact that several years ago the choices available through the   route were both limited and not entirely blessed with anything remotely effective.

Oh how the balance has shifted.

Today, although prescription diet pills are still sought after they do not offer anything over and above what some of the scientifically developed and more commercially available product do.

To case these points below are three commercial products that are not drug classed, do not pose a risk of side effects and have a high success rate.

Capsiplex – Fat Burner

If there was an award ceremony for the diet pill industry similar to the Oscars then Capsiplex would have all but swept the board this year.

The chili diet pill is arguably the best selling over the counter diet pill in the UK with numerous success stories attached to it.

Taking Capsiplex is said to help burn just as many calories as you would expect to running for 25 minutes or cycling for 40 minutes.

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Proactol Plus – Fat Binder & Appetite Suppressant

Proactol Plus combines two of the most effective mechanics of action that are usually employed by some of the most potent and highest strength prescription only diet pills.

Proactol Plus can bind a portion of dietary fat and also reduce the feelings of hunger – using natural ingredients.

Proactol Plus is said to be responsible for helping dieters reduce their calorific intake by around 280 per day

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Phen375 – Phentermine Alternative

Phentermine is arguably the most well known diet pill ever to have existed – it is both famous and infamous – the good guy and also the bad guy.

While Phentermine was considered to be the strongest of the prescription grade weight loss medication it also posed the greatest risk of side effects.

The race was on to replicate the positive effect of Phentermine while eliminating the side effects – step forward Phen375

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