Helix Slim Drops

Bioforce Slim Drops Bioforce Slim Drops is a natural and herbal remedy to aid weight reduction.

It is a liquid contained in bottled and added to water and drunk once a day before a meal.

Its main aim is the reduce appetite and stop cravings for sugary foods.

The main ingredient is extract from organically grown fresh Jerusalem Artichoke

Jerusalem Artichoke has the capacity to work on the metabolism by producing energy and a feeling of being satiated, without increasing glycerin levels.

How Does Bioforce Helix Slim Work

Keeping blood sugar levels under control is is essential of optimum health and well being

Eating at varied times of the day without a proper digestion period, prevents food from being digested properly.

Calories are taken on but not all nutrients are sufficiently absorbed, leading to increase hunger and appetite.

Similarly, eating processed or denatured foods may feel like they’ve satisfied you at the time but have poor nutritional value.

This means you end up snacking, to keep yourself going in between meals. Eating erratically can make your blood sugar swing from high to low.

This causes sugar cravings as your body tries to compensate. Keeping your blood sugar levels under control can help to minimise sugar cravings.

Who Should Not Use Helix Slim

Pregnant or nursing mothers should refrain from using.

Where To Buy

Bioforce Helix Slim DropsAvailable at most health food stores and some high street chemists.

It wont break the bank at under £10 per bottle

Also available online via registered and authorised UK pharmacies such as Express Chemist

Is Helix Slim Worth Using

The Jerusalem Artichoke does have appetite suppressing qualities but is not in the same league as another natural substance – Hoodia Gordonii

Read about Hoodia Gordonii