Boots Carb Control

High street chemist chain Boots stock a wide range of both third party and inhouse own brand diet pills and diet products.

Until recently their branding was a bit hit an miss – now it seems they have got their act together and have produced a range of diet supplements that can rival some of the high profile third party independent products.

Boots have just introduced Carb Control, a supplement that can reduce the effect of taking on too many carbohydrates.

Carbohydrates are essential as they provide the body with energy or fuel – but take on too much while leading a sedimentary lifestyle and this additional body fuel get converted to body fat for use at a later date.

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What Is Boots Carb Control

A non prescription diet pill that can purchased without GP or doctor approval – it is made from natural ingredients and is classed a supplement to support weight loss and not be taken instead of a balanced diet.

How Does Boots Carb Control Work

  • Contains a glycoprotein complex that can prevent a portion of carbohydrates that are digested and absorbed by the body.
  • To be used as part of your existing diet plan or weight loss programme in can be used in tandem with other diet products.
  • Your pharmacist or doctor can help with advice and support on lifestyle changes and healthy eating.

Who Is Best Suited To Carb Control

Carb Cravers: anyone who eat excessive amounts of carbohydrates followed by hunger pangs and energy slumps.
Energy Eaters: anyone who crave high carb intakes to fulfill energy demands and satisfy appetite.
Disorganised Eaters:
anyone with a hectic lifestyle which leads to eating or on the go and consumption of carbohydrate heavy foods.

Can Carb Control Cause Side Effects

Should not cause or be responsible for nay ill effects if used in conjunction with the directive supplied in the packaging.

Where To Buy Boots Carb Control

In store at Boots the chemist is the most obvious supply outlet.

Is Carb Control Worth Trying

Anything that is produced my the pharmaceutical team at Boots should not be ignored. The feeling is that there are one or two already existing carb blockers that are more effective and with a more impressive story to tell.

PhenQ fat burner UKAlternative Carb Blockers

It is extremely hard to look outside of PhenQ the carb blocker that has made the headlines in the national papers.

PhenQ is reported to reduce carb absorption by 80% and reduce daily calorie consumption by a third.

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