Alli Diet Pills – Strong And Non Prescription

Buy Alli OnlineThe makers of Alli Orlistat (GSK), are about to embark on a massive TV, radio and magazine marketing campaign in the UK.

Alli is the diet pill sensation that hit the headlines in the spring (2009) – Alli proved so successful that on the day of release many high street stockists across Great Britain and authorized internet based suppliers ran out of stock in just days of the product going on general release

Some branches of Boots the chemist ran out within hours.

Alli has been available to buy over the counter in the United States now for coming up to 2 years – it has not however been without some degree of negative press.

Possibly the biggest talking point is that side effect – occasional anal leakage, dubbed the Alli Oops

But lets put that side effect into context for a moment and champion Alli.

The strongest over the counter diet pill

The above phrase has been used by some manufacturers without the ability to back up their claim – Alli on the other hand is the strongest, most potent and most successful (to date) diet pill that is freely available to buy without the need for GP or doctor prescription.

Alli is chemical based, in fact the only chemically based FDA approved non prescription diet pill in existence – it is formulated from the active ingredient Orlistat, found in Xenical – the most widely prescribed diet pill on the planet.

Alli stops the fat from your food from being absorbed

Alli CapsulesWithout wishing to over elaborate or confuse Alli basically stops a percentage of the fat from the food that you eat from being digested by your stomach.

A rough approximation is 28% – so just over a quarter of the fatty food that you consume will not be absorbed by your stomach or more importantly, not form excess body fat.

The down side of Alli (that side effect) is that this unabsorbed fat has to leave your body somehow – this is usually in the form of a bowel movement and often a rather unpleasant yellow liquid.

But the choice is sort of simple – if you’d rather tackle your dieting ambitions solo without the help of the strongest diet pill available then the very best of luck.

On the other hand – if you would like to increase your chances of weight loss success by 50% (according to research) use Alli and put up with the consequences for the duration.

Is the Alli Oops to high a price to pay for a successful weight loss campaign?

Cheapest Online Store To Buy Alli

Alli is now available in store at a handful of selected stores – you will need to complete a questionnaire before purchase

In our opinion there are better products available.

PhenQ for example is a multi action fat burner, fat blocker and appetite suppressant that will not give you the side effects that Alli can. PhenQ is available without prescription, it has a long 60 day money back guarantee and has no delivery cost attached to it.

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