Veloxium Review

Veloxium is a new introduction to the weight loss pill market with a product that could be described as a multi tasking diet tablet.

The active ingredients are advertised to aid appetite suppression, burn excess fat and block additional fat from being taken on board. There are also some antioxidant type properties.

Diet pills such as Veloxium can be hit or miss. With so many targeted areas of weight loss it can fail to deliver on all fronts rather than being highly effective at just the one.

“Lose 30lbs in 30 Days”

How Does Veloxium Work

There is simple 3 step process that when combined (Veloxium believe) will help to lose a possible 30lbs in 30 days

Step 1 – utlises Hoodia Gordonii. Hoodia Gordonii is a powerful appetite suppressant that can reduce craving for food and also suppress your appetite during a meal so that you feel fuller sooner.

Step 2 – is to increase your metabolic rate providing you with more energy to stimulate mobility so that you can naturally burn more body fat.

Step 3 –  is to block the absorption of fat from food consumed – Whenever we eat food high in fat or calories, such fast foods, red meat, dairy products or rich carbohydrates, our bodies immediately begin to store the calories and add them to our existing fat stores.

Veloxium Ingredients

Veloxium contains two main ingredients, Hoodia Gordonii (mentioned above) and green tea.

Possible Veloxium Side Effects

There has been very little to report in terms of negative side effects. ALthough due to the infancy of this product it would be sensible to procede with caution

Can I Buy Veloxium In The UK

It is non prescription and so can be purchased without GP administration. It does not appear to be available via the high street yet.

However it is available to buy direct via the official website.

Does Veloxium Work

Its hard to give Veloxium a full recommendation due to its short existence in the weight loss market.

Other Diet Pills To Consider

One the most effective natural ingredients geared towards appetite suppression is cactus extract in capsule form.

While some manufacturers prefer to add chemical ingredients and form a combination product. Proactol Plus remains completely natural

Proactol Plus has several years in the weight loss market is possibly the most clinically researched natural substance connected to weight loss

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