C-Plex 60 Carb Blocker

C-Plex 60 is the latest diet pill to emerge from weight loss and health company Advanced Health.

Is is being heavily publicised in the media including The Mail, The Express, The Express, The Sun and The Star.

One of the most overlooked issues connected to weight loss is carb retention –  the body’s ability or inability to convert carbohydrates into energy.

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Carbohydrates are essential, but take on too many and the excess can be converted to body fat.

C-Plex60 is clinically proven to address this problem.

C-Plex 60 can tackle weight issues on three fronts:

  • Stop your carbohydrate consumption by 82%
  • Lessen your cravings for food by 50%
  • Cut calorie consumption by 30%

More about C-Plex 60

How Does C Plex 60 Work

Even the healthiest of diets can contain too many of the wrong kinds of foods, at least one meal per day brings too much carbohydrates.

Some meals can disrupt the metabolic balance, because of high glycemic and insulinemic levels, generating fat assimilation and sensation of hunger.

C-plex60 has been researched, developed and guaranteed to reduce glycemic and insulinemic indexes of meals in everyday life.

C-Plex 60 The “Miracle Slim Pill”

C-plex60 is specially formulated to decrease glycemic and insulinemic indexes of meals in everyday life.

C-plex60 is a regulator of glycemic and insulinemic control mechanisms, with its consequences on satiety, fat assimilation, lipogenesis.

Does C-Plex 60 Cause Side Effects

C-Plex 60 is safe for human consumption and does not cause any ill effect if taken as suggested.

C-Plex 60 Media Attention

A touched upon C-Plex 60 has received much media coverage especially in the UK and the United States.

C-Plex 60 In The Press

Where To Buy C-Plex 60

The most likely stockist is via the official website.

Stock levels are running low due to the press exposure but we are told the official UK website has some packages still available.

The product costs £34.99 for one month supply with multi packages available at time of purchase

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