Carb Minders Review

There are several branded carb blockers that have appeared on the market in recent months, one of latest being Holland and Barretts own brand – Carb Minder with Phase 2.

Carb blockers have a proven track record of success in varying degrees depending on the particular brand and can be used in conjunction with other genres of diet pills such as fat binders, fat burner and appetite suppressants.

How Do Carb Blockers Work

Carbohydrates are found in a majority of the foods we eat on a daily basis, Carbohydrates are not “bad” as they are essential to our body as a rich source of energy.

It is when we consume too much carbohydrate without regularly exercising or at least being mobile that this energy get converted into fat.

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What Is Phase 2

Some of the branded carb blockers you will come across will advertise Phase 2 as an ingredient.

Phase 2 is completely natural food extract that can neutralise the starch from the carbohydrate foods in your food.

It is derived from the white kidney bean and the most prominent of all the substances that can help to stop the effect of too much starch.

Carb Minder Side Effects

If taken as recommended, Carb Minder is completely safe and free from potential side effects.

Does Carb Minder Work

To a degree, but cannot compete with two of the industries premier branded highly potent products, DeCarb and Dietrine.

Where To Buy Carb Minder

In store at Holland and Barrett priced at around £10.00

Recommended Diet Pill

PhenQ buy directPhenQ – a natural fat burner, fat blocker and appetite suppressant combination that is proving incredibly popular in the UK. It has received many features and positive reviews.

PhenQ is also a carb blocker that can not only reduce your carb intake but also lower your cholesterol levels, reduce your appetite and increase your energy

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