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Do SlimSticks Work

SlimSticks are the new weight loss aid introduced by industry stalwart Inovate Health – the manufacturers claim that you can use them in conjunction with a regular exercise plan or diet programme.

An appetite suppressant by definition, SlimSticks can help you reduce your calorie intake by around 30% on a daily basis or so the manufacturers claim.

If you do partake in a sensible diet  and eating plan it is suggested that  for every 1lb you lose each week, you could safely lose up to an extra 1lb using the product.

Former Miss Wales and close friend of Footballer Ryan Giggs Imogen Thomas has been featured in the press (Daily Mail) recently – Imogen has reportedly dropped from a size 12 to a 10 since using Slimsticks.

‘Slimsticks has been to add into my daily diet routine and since taking them my clothes fit much better. I’ve also noticed that I haven’t cut out eating the foods I enjoy, I’m just eating a bit less of them. Hopefully, if I continue taking them I can lose that bit of extra weight without losing my curves.’

What Are SlimSticks

A naturally formulated fine oil droplets are made from dietary lipids (palm oil) coated with galactolipids from oat oil. It is very easy to take.

Just pour one 6g sachet into to a small quantity of water or milk (50-70ml) – it can even be introduced to coffee, yoghurt, cereal, smoothies or milkshakes.

Usage instruction advise take one  sachet at breakfast and a second around lunchtime in the first month. After the month one sachet at breakfast should be enough.

SlimSticks Benefits

  • Natural weight loss
  • Can be used in conjunction with other diets
  • No need to go without foods you love
  • Very easy to use
  • Eradicated the effects of yoyo dieting

Do Slim Sticks Cause Side Effects

Unlikely to cause an adverse reaction if used in accordance with manufacturers directions.

Do SlimSticks Work – Are They Recommended

Due to the nature of the product and the fact they can be used in conjunction with other diet products it is definitely one for the shortlist.

 Where To Buy SlimSticks UK

Purchases can be made from the official website.

Looking Elsewhere

Diet drops are very much en vogue with many products seemingly introduced in short space of time.

The genre was first introduced by HCG products – these were nay thing but naturally and soon became much maligned and replaced with product with a natural constitution.

Arguably the best example of a diet drop weight loss aid are the simplistically called Liquid Diet Drops

More about LDD


Bach Emotional Eating Kit

Emotional Eating Kit Review

Holland and Barrett are stocking some new diet products with the expected seasonal upturn in sales just around the corner.

Although diet pills and slimming tablets are by far the most popular and best selling products on the weight loss market there is always room for something different.

Not so long ago the concept of diet drops were introduced and fuelled by one of two celebrities who let slip that the reason for their weight loss success was the use of diet drops.

Diet drops are administered by squeezing one or drops of the formula onto the tongue at certain times of the day (usually before a meal) with the desired effect being a suppression of appetite and after effect that can help to mobilise body fat.

This brings us to the  Emotional Eating Kit from Bach

The Emotional Eating Kit comprises of three naturally formulated flower essences produced to aid your diet and healthy living regimes.

It is claimed that it is the first product of this particular ilk available to British consumers, specifically help deal with the emotions linked to comfort eating.

The flower essences are:

  • Chestnut Bud (Aesculus hippocastanum) ideal if you are prone to making the same dieting mistakes time and time again, Chestnut Bud is thought to help you gain knowledge from your experience.
  • Crab Apple (Malus pumila) When you feel unclean or dislike something about yourself, Crab Apple is thought to help you accept yourself and any imperfections you think you may have.
  • Cherry Plum (Prunus cerasifera) For when disaster strikes and you may be losing control of your diet, Cherry Plum could help you to think and act rationally.

What is Theory Behind Emotional Eating

Emotional Eating is when food is used as an emotion a crutch, a way of transferring feelings away the current situation, usually negative emotions. Or put more simply – when bad things happen some of turn to food as a comfort.

 How To Use

Usage various from person to person depending on when emotions are experienced, you may may want to take one, two or all three of the flower essences contained in one dosage. Your feelings may vary on a daily basis so you can change your choices whenever you want.

Drop two drops of each chosen essence directly on the tongue, four times a day. or, add two drops of each chosen essence to a drink of water and sip at intervals.

For convenience when using more than one essence, add two drops of each to an empty 30ml dropper bottle. Top up with mineral water, adding a teaspoonful of brandy or cider vinegar if you wish. From this bottle take four drops at least four times a day.

Potential Side Effects

Perfectly natural and so unlikely to cause any concern or side effects

Does The Emotional Kit Work

It is extremely hard to give a definitive yes or  no answer to products as the Emotion Eating Kit as emotion and psychology play a big part and there is not scientific or clinical trial performed. If you use the product and because of what you have read it does stop you from comfort eating then it has worked to some degree.

Where To Buy 

In store at Holland and Barrett, the price is between £10 and £15

Alternative Products

LDD (Liquid Diet Drops) is a complex formula that is made up of natural amino acids that help you lose weight quickly and rapidly by breaking down body fat converting it into fuel for your body.

Liquid Diet drops can suppress appetite as well raising energy levels. They are an ideal alternative to diet pills for those who have trouble swallowing.

More about Liquid Diet Drops


Liquid Diet Drops UK

Liquid Diet Drops

Every so often a new diet concept is introduced – it is usually filtered through to the UK via the United States. The current new diet concept that seems to have everyone talking is LDD or Liquid Diet Drops.

Liquid Diet Drops are basically an evolved and more naturally formulated version of HCG Drops – Human chorionic gonadotropin. HCG is a hormone produced naturally in a women at the time of pregnancy and has extremely beneficial weight loss properties.


HCG by means means of orally taken drops are now banned under FDA regulation and can only be administered by injection under GP authorisation.

Liquid Diet Drops however are  hormone free, completely legal and available to buy without prescription.

The company responsible for LDD (Evolution Slimming) have many testimonials on their website.

Buy LDD from Authorised UK Stockist

What Are Liquid Diet Drops

LDD is classed as dietary food supplement and taken by way of a few drops on the tongue at certain times of the day. The drops alone are incredibly effective but it is suggested that to gain maximum benefit the LDD Plan (which is included with very purchase) is followed in conjunction.

How Do Liquid Diet Drops Work

LDD is complex formula of amino acids that act quickly to suppress appetite. The drops (complex formula) send a signal to the part of brain (hypothalamus) responsible for controlling appetite to reach satiety quicker reducing daily calorie consumption.

The hypothalamus also sends signals to the body to start breaking down body fat to convert to energy or fuel for the body.

The combined LDD diet plan (VLCD – very low calorie diet) usually consists of food that is high in lean proteins, low in carbohydrates and low in saturated fats.

Following the plan daily calorie intake is restricted to 500-700 per day.

Liquid Diet Drops Side Effects

Nothing has been documented or reported.

Liquid Diet Drops Testimonials and Side Effects

LDD has been responsible for many diet successes across the globe – the manufactures have received countless testimonials and positive comments.

Some users have reported a weight loss of 1-2 lbs per day although typical results may vary.

Where to Buy Liquid Diet Drops

LDD and the accompanying diet plan is sold in the UK exclusively through authorised stockist Evo Slimming.

A month supply costs £49.99 which could be considered quite expensive – you would probably need to purchase 3 bottles to follow the plan, so £150 there or there abouts. It is up to you to way up the cost of LDD against what you have paid in the past for other diet products and what you may spend in the future if you do not take up this opportunity.


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