Quantrim UK Review

Quantrim Diet Supplement With Seaweed

Quantrim-PacketObesity is an epidemic that plagues modern society like no other ailments. Most of us suffer from weight issues and the related problems that come with it.

Not a single day goes when we don’t wish for a magical solution that will help us to reduce weight and get the perfect figure.

And with this growing need has given rise to different modes, techniques, foods, supplements and weight loss programs to be invented every year. While some of the products and techniques have proven to be a success, not many could give the desired results.

In this context, it is worth mentioning that a new herbal weight loss pill has made waves in containing the obesity syndrome.

Manufactured in the United Kingdom, Quantrim is one of the most promising weight loss pills which aids in burning the extra fat and contribute to a healthy and fit body. If you want to shed those extra pounds without any side effects then Quantrim is your answer.

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What is Quantrim

Quantrim is the latest product to hit the weight loss market but has already made major headways by sheer performance. This unique and innovative diet pill is manufactured by UK based Nuropharm Limited under strict health and safety regulations. The key ingredients are scientifically approved. This means that one can take this pill without worrying about undue side effects.

The pill is designed to curb your appetite effectively. When you feel less hungry, there will be lesser calorie intake and lesser fat storage as well as reduction of excess fat from your body. The pill help in boosting your normal metabolic rate. This means that your body will burn fat faster than usual and you will lose weight faster than ever. This dual attack on the fats ensures that you recover your figure in a very short time.

Most important benefits of the QuantrimThe major benefit of the Quantrim pill is to reduce weight and make you look slim. However this magic pill also has various other benefits. These include:

  • The ingredients that are used in the pills are completely organic
  • This pill has no side effects at all and can be used safely
  • It speeds up the process of metabolism and burns fat faster
  • With Quantrim  intake you can lose almost two or three pounds in just one week
  • It can burn the body fat quite effectively and efficiently
  • It reduces the appetite so that you don’t get those frequent hunger pangs

How does Quantrim actually help in losing weight?

The Quantrim pill is made from the two very important ingredient called cleavers and bladderwrack which originate in Europe. These two ingredients have been in use since time immemorial to aid in hair and skin care and in later ages to lose weight.


They have also been in frequent use to reduce inflammation and any kind of bloating. This anti-inflammatory ingredient in the pill ensures that your system keeps healthy and performs normally at all times. The presence of bladderwrack helps in increasing the metabolic speed and keeps one full for a longer time so that you do not feel the need to eat frequently.

Use of herbal ingredients means that you get the best of nature without falling prey to chemicals or synthetic elements, no harsh repercussions to worry about. Quantrim is one of those rare weight loss products which can work wonders without having to stick to strict diets or rigorous exercise regimes. You can carry on with your normal routine and workout whenever you get time. This is why it is such a big hit with professionals who cannot spare time for regular exercise or follow diets.

Where To Buy Quantrim In The UK

Availability is via the official website, there is not a high street option.




Where To Buy ApidexTrim UK

ApidexTrim The Diet Pill That Is Targeted Towards Women

Female dieters normally experience more difficulty in losing weight than male dieters. Thus, to tackle this issue, a new supplement has been introduced to the fat loss market named ApidexTrim.

Claimed to be exclusively for female dieters, this supplement can apparently help to lower your hunger pangs, increase your metabolism, bolster your energy, and even reinvigorate your skin. Noticeable results are purported to be visible in just 14 days.

With an array of marketing promises and 22 ingredients, ApidexTrim could seem to be rather unbelievable to female dieters who are grappling with fat loss. Let’s carry out a more in-depth examination of how the manufacturers advise you to take the supplement, and the supplement’s active ingredients, to see if purchasing it would represent a shrewd investment.

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Irvingia Gabonensis otherwise known as African Mango is one of the most beneficial health substances to immerge in recent years. US TV doc Doctor Oz reportedly described it as being able to help slimmers shed up to10lbs

If you experience similar results as subjects in the clinical trials, it could mean a loss of 28.1 pounds and a 25% reduction in your caloric intake.”

Supplement Ingredients

Compared to most diet tablets, ApidexTrim contains a rather large amount of ingredients. Whilst you can see an extensive listing of ingredients on the supplement’s official website, below we have detailed some of the most important ingredients:

  • Irvingia Gabonensis – (often called African Mango) has garnered considerable acclaim from customers for its’ fat loss results. A two month study saw subjects, who consumed African Mango, averaging 28.1 pounds of weight loss, as opposed to subjects who consumed a placebo, where only 1.5 pounds, on average, was lost. It lowers hunger cravings, sheds fat, and stimulates the lowering of cholesterol.
  • Satiereal – an extract of saffron spice which triggers the serotonergic receptors of the brain. This both lessens hunger pangs, and also produces an improvement in mood.
  • Chromax – heightens the amount of chromium (the trace mineral) within the body, which moderates the body’s production of insulin. This lowers appetite, boosts lean muscle quantities, and enables you to reduce your consumption of calories by roughly 365 calories daily.
  • Green Select – is a phytosome green tea mixture. This bolsters thermogenesis (fat loss) and increases your energy levels.
  • Beauty Complex – blends alpha lipoic acid & collagen, alongside traditional components, within a proprietary concoction, which facilitates ApidexTrim’s marketing to female dieters. This blend smooths and replenishes the skin.

Taking the Supplement

The manufacturer says you should take a couple of tablets, twice daily, at an appropriate time. People who do this could expect the tablets to last for one month.


In view of the clinically-tested components that are included, and the extra attention given to the specific requirements of female dieters, ApidexTrim can be safely endorsed. Although a few of the supplement features (e.g. the Beauty Complex) could be deemed unnecessary, they are still a welcome addition that are rarely seen with fat loss tablets.


Where To Buy Apidextrim In The UK – DISCONTINUED

A one month supply of the supplement retails for around £30.00 / $49.99  (in one bottle). You will get a reduced price if you purchase in larger quantities. By paying £90.00 / $149.99 for three ApidexTrim bottles, for example, you will receive three containers of their 72-hour tablets free of charge.

Each supplement has a 3 month, unlimited, refund policy, so dieters can test ApidexTrim with no financial risks.

Apidextrim is only available to buy from the official website, there is not a third party stockist, nor is there a high supplier present in the UK (Boots, Holland and Barrett, Superdrug Tesco etc)

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Lipocal Review UK

The natural weight loss aid, Lipocal, is sold in capsule form. It claims that it will help you slim down and give you a ‘sexier’, fitter body by lowering your appetite, increasing your levels of energy and boosting your metabolism.

One capsule is supposed to be swallowed half-an-hour before breakfast and lunchtime daily.

On first reflection, the components in Lipocal all look to be quite established weight loss ingredients, and this might lead you to think that the supplement would be a useful dietary aid.

The manufacturers state that their supplement will assist fat loss in a few ways: losing more flab by increasing the metabolic rate (thermogenesis), improving energy levels and lessening appetite – to ensure that dieting and exercising produce better results.

Metabolism boosters are fairly commonplace as far as the UK market is concerned, couple this with cayenne pepper (chili pepper) and you have quite possibly the most popular fat burner the UK has to offer.

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But, this blend has not been subject to any trials and (not including the few testimonials on the company website) there are virtually no reviews of Lipocal on the internet to support these promises.

Lipocal Ingredients

This supplement contains: Super Citrimax, to improve energy levels; Chromax, to lessen appetite; Damiana, ForsLean, Glucomannan, Green Tea and Guarana, all renown for boosting metabolism; and Pomegranate & Ecdysterone, that limit the absorption of fat.

Nonetheless, the company website fails to offer any details about the quantity of each component.

Therefore, it is not possible to know if the components are included in large enough quantities to produce the promised results.


Some data that the company website displays suggests that the components have been separately proven to facilitate fat loss, but no details are mentioned about any reported side effects.


  • Simple to use
  • Natural components
  • No mention of side effects
  • 3 month refund policy


  • Ingredient amounts are unclear
  • Supplement has not been subject to clinical tests
  • The caffeine included might cause side effects – like restlessness and a quicker heart rate
  • No information about the quantity of weight that dieters will lose
  • Numerous negative testimonials are displayed on Amazon, and the internet has little information about this supplement
  • The name and address of the manufacturer is not given on the company website


The Lipocal components are advertised as very powerful, but no evidence is given on the company website, concerning quantities or clinical recommendations, to support this.

It would be foolhardy to assume that each of the eight components, which are famous for their slimming properties, are present in the proper combination to be effective. Other fat loss sites have also mentioned that this supplement has been largely ignored, and remains a bit of an unknown quantity.

Amazon displays numerous negative testimonials, where clients report that they witnessed no results after consuming Lipocal. One client even comments that the supplement she received did not look like the product she believed she had bought.

The 3 month money-back policy provides a little reassurance, should you wish to test the effectiveness of Lipocal. However, given the dearth of evidence, it seems extremely improbable that this supplement will deliver on its’ promises.

Where To Buy Lipocal In the UK

There does not appear to many stockists or outlets save for the official website. Boots the chemist, Tesco et al are not on the list of authorised stockists.

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As far as the fat burning genre is concerned there are only a handful of products that can really not just stand up to scrutiny but provide solid credentials and references of success stories.

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