5 Top Dieting Tips That Wont Cost A Penny

5 Free Things To Do When Trying to Diet

With the current economic climate affecting many aspects of our lives with regards to spending money – losing weight need not be one of them.

Here are 5 weight loss principles and techniques to use or apply that are either free or cost very little

1. Drinking Water – suppressing appetite is a vital process in the dieting process. Water has excellent appetite suppressing qualities.

It is a little known fact that sometimes when you feel hungry it is not actually food that the body craves, it could be water or liquid. Hunger and thirst signals are remarkably similar.

Next time you feel peckish, have a glass of water instead.

2. Chew Your Food – there have been many studies into the relationship between chewing food and satiety (fullness).

Experts appear to be in agreement that people who chew their food approximately 40 times reached satiety quicker than those who didn’t and as a result, ate less.

It does’t require the mind of Stephen Hawking to realise that eating less food equates to less calories taken on.

3. Dont Buy Snacks –  out of sight is out of mind. If you do not have snacks (biscuits, chocolates or cakes) on hand you cannot eat them.

This does not mean you have to go without – it just means that if you absolutely have to have a mars bar then go out to get one – but just one.

Associate snacks and treats with going out rather than a constant accompaniment to a cup of tea at home.

4. Detox Once A Week – most of us are usually well overdrawn in the “calorie bank” – give one day out of seven to eat the bare minimum. Eat fresh fruit and vegetables and forgo meat and carbohydrates such as pasta or rice.

Replace tea and coffee with water or fruit juice. Its not for ever its just for one day.

5. Spice Up Your Food – latest clinical study and expert opinion suggests that eating spicy food or adding spice to your food has tremendous fat burning capabilities.

Chili pepper, paprika and cinnamon are considered to be a dieters best friend.

Red hot chili pepper (cayenne pepper) in particular is considered to be the number one fat burning spice with decades of research attached to it.

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Do Diet Pills Work

Diet Pills – Do They Work

There has always and will always be a great divide in opinion as to whether diet pills work. GP, doctors, physicians – basically anyone who works in a industry connected to weight loss usually has there own ideas concerning the mechanical and chemical process of using a diet pill in attempt to lose weight.

As this website is geared towards reviewing diet products you would expect us to have our feet planted very firmly in the “Yes – diet pills do work camp”

To retain a certain credibility we should point out that most quarters of the medical fraternity have firmly believed that the positive effect of diet pills has a psychological element and a physical effect attached to it.

In other words some diet pills contain ingredients that cause a physical weight loss reaction by way of either binding or blocking fat from food consumed, suppressing appetite by restricting the body’s ability to consume more calories than it actually needs or burning excess body fat that is stored for later use.

The flip side of this the psychological element –  some product do not actually cause a physical effect but act as a placebo.

The diet pill industry as in any other industry has its share of the good, the bad and highly dubious products within its midst – it is our job to highlight the failures and underlines the products that actually have a proven level of success.

A product that we regularly feature and recommend is Proactol Plus. From this website’s very inception we have championed the product safe in the knowledge that that any claims it makes can be substantiated and justified.

The recent changes in the advertising laws have meant that product owners (this applies to the majority of products that offer a medicinal benefit) cannot advertise that their product provides a benefit unless they can provide proof that it actually does.

Proactol Plus was one of the first diet products to embrace the new directive put in place and remove any material than cannot be justified.

Proactol Plus is fully accredited with all necessary documentation. It is classed as a Medical Device Type I and carried the CE Mark of Approval.

If you are making the first tentative steps towards deciding which diet pill to use consider Proactol Plus very seriously. Proactol Plus is approximately £10 a month more expensive than a majority of its competitors (just over £40 for a months supply) but carries a 6 months money back guarantee, which means if you are not satisfied with your progress you are entitled to a refund.

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Spicy Foods To Burn Excess Body Fat

Burn Fat By Eating Spicy Food

A clinical research team at the Penn State University have just confirmed what has been thought for many years. Lacing your meals with spices such as paprika, cinnamon and cayenne pepper can have a profound effect on your waistline and help to burn excess body fat.

The average western diet contains an alarmingly high portion of fat and carbohydrates and increase our risk of obesity, heart disease and some cases, type 2 diabetes.

Although these food types are essential as they provide our body with fuel need for energy, too much and the calories consumed that are not needed are converted into fat and stored for latter use.

As this process is an almost ongoing process some of us cannot ever seem to brake the cycle and our fat reserves either keep consistently topped up or increase over time.

Adding Spices To Food Reduces fat Levels By Around A Third

When we eat a high fat content meal our levels of triglycerides are increased. Triglycerides is a type of fat found in our blood. Adding spices to a meal reduced the amount of triglycerides produced by around a third.

Many independent studies and reports by many of the world leading experts in the field of nutrition and nutrition based diet tend to agree on this.

For most of us the word ‘Diet‘ tends to conjure images of sacrifice and eating much less. Dieting does not ultimately have to involve eating a much smaller portion but rather eating sensibly.

Adding spices to your main meal of the day just could be an ideal way to actually start that diet that you have always intended to start.

There is no better time to start than right now.

Cayenne pepper in particular is considered to be one the most effective fat burning natural substances. It is an acquired taste and one that is certainly worth acquiring.

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