Buying Cheap Hoodia Gordonii


If you are considering buying a hoodia diet pill you are half way to making a good decision if weight loss via appetite suppression is your goal.

But do not be tempted to spoil this first step by opting for cheap rather than effective.

The sheer number of choice of Hoodia related diet products is huge both in the UK and in the United States – price and quality is becoming a contentious issue.

In the battle for supremacy in the Hoodia market, prices have been reduced quite significantly over the last few years and product quality is suffering as a consequence.

It is estmated that almost 90% of the Hoodia diet pills you will find either on the high street or via the internet do not contain the raw hoodia powder opting instead to plump for the cheaper extract instead.

Hoodia Powder V Hoodia Extract

Hoodia CITESWe have drawn attention in the past to the misconcpetion that just because a product claims to contain Hoodia it does not necessarily mean that it contains the powdered variety that is accompanied via CITES certification, Proof of Origin and an Annex Certificate.

The above certification may not mean an awful lot to the casual observer or for anyone intending to buy a Hoodia diet product – but it is of vital importance to ensure that genuine produce is purchase.

If a product does not have at least two of the above documents displayed clearly on the official website or packaging it is probably not the powdered hoodia.

Cheap Hoodia Diet Pills

Cheap Hoodia is a contradiction in terms. Hoodia is relatively expensive. It is costly to grow, harvest and encapsulate – premium products usually retain value, Hoodia is no different.

The UK market is privileged to have a product that has all three required certificates.

Pure Hoodia

Pure Hoodia has the highest concentration of raw powder per capsule than any other product in the world. It has  CITES, Annex and Proof of Origin certificates.

Pure Hoodia is harvested in Southern Africa and shipped to the UK where it is delivered to customers from within these (the UK) shores.

The company responsible for production and delivery is one and the same,  the order process is completely transparent: orders can be placed either online or via the telephone.

The ability to order via telephone may not appear to be a major selling point – but this is vital for communication for both pre sales and after sales.

Pure Hoodia do not hide behind the cover of a humanless website – they encourage telephone enquiries. The positive flip side to this is that if you need to contact for whatever reason, you can use the same number.

Pure Hoodia is not what you would call cheap, nor is it expensive – it is priced accordingly for a premium genuine Hoodia product.

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