Lipobind Drop UK Price To £13.95

Cheap Lipobind Diet PillsLipobind, the self proclaimed best selling diet pill in the UK have dropped their price to offer what they consider to be the cheapest Lipobind price point yet.

Lipobind, the fat binder produced from Goldshield Healthcare seems to have lost ground in the current advertising war that seems to be happening in the UK high street.

For the last few years the popular fat binder has had pretty much the lion share of the display cabinets in stockists and outlets such as Boots the Chemist, Superdrug, Tesco and Asda.

Recently, two heavily publicised newcomers to the diet pill  marketplace, Appesat and Alli have muscled their way to the forefront of consumer attention – and stockist pecking order.

So, as in all industries, when the marketing battle appears to be a losing one – the product on the slide reignites consumer interest by dropping its price.

Good news for Lipobind customers – or is it!

Although advertised as from £13.95 per packet – the from is highly relevent. In order to take advantage of the price drop you would need to purchase 10 packets!

In all fairness to Lipobind it is tactic employed industry wide (and in many industries).

The general feeling is though, if a product is of premium quality why the need to discount so heavily!

Where To Buy Lipobind

Buy Lipobind Cheapest DierctThe discounts apply in store at the usual high street outlets (Boots, Tesco Asda etc..)

Plus of course direct from