Chili Burn Review

Chili Burn is now available to buy at selected branches of Holland and Barrett and also via their online web store.

It is produced by New Nordic and apparently has been in development for seven years.

The principle evolves around calorie expenditure and fat burning.

Using extract of chili is en vogue currently, another diet pill called Capsiplex utilises a similar principle.

“The principle is simple – the aim is to safely increase your calorie expenditure. As your body burns more calories, you slowly, but surely, lose weight by burning stored fat.”

Chili Burn How Does It Work

It has been thought for some time that using a high concentration of chili extract can raise the metabolism enough to have a significant fat burning effect.

Chili Burn Ingredients

Green Tea leaves extract, Chili Extract, Dill Seed Extract, Ginger Root Extract, Peppermint Oil

Chili Burn Side Effects

Chili Burn contains all natural ingredients, and has been in development for 7 years – but the long term effect of ingesting large quantities of chili extract is not yet fully understood.

Does Chili Burn Work

Still new to the open market and so not much in the way of testimonials, customer feedback and user comments.

Where To Buy Chili Burn

Can be purchased at selected Holland and Barrett stores and costs around £15.00

Is It Recommended

We will have to revisit at a later date as there is nothing too compelling surrounding Chili Burn that could possibly gain a recommendation.

Alternative Diet Pills

Capsiplex is the original Chili diet pill. It is quite possibly the diet pill with the most column inches devoted to it.

When Capsiplex was released it sold out completely after just 3 days selling 50,000 units. It sold a reported 1 million units in first 6 month.

Capsiplex has many celebrities associated with it and has been coined the Miracle Diet Pill.

To find out why read more about Capsiplex