DecaSlim Review

Decaslim fat burner diet pill

DecaSlim is typically American diet product and no stranger to the highly auspicious marketing

Diet pills such as DecaSlim are almost becoming clones of one an another – packaging, website and advertising message are near identical, it is just the product name that is different.

DecaSlim claims that you can “Burn 800%  more fat  than diet and exercise alone” and also reduce acne – all in just 7 days …or your money back.

I wonder how many refunds they have given recently – that is if you can contact them. Contact details are hidden and only a generic email address exists.

DecaSlim key points are:

  • Fast Fat Loss
  • Acne Relief
  • Tone Up Muscle

The DecaSlim story is remarkably similar to that of Lipovox, Leptovox and Orovo.

The over the counter diet pill industry is not regulated as strictly as the prescription only market – non prescription diet pills are on most occasions herbal compositions and so manufacturers can get away with saying pretty much what they want.

A large majority of non prescription diet pills have absolutely no clinical documentation or accreditation. DecaSlim is completely devoid of any proof of efficacy.

What Is DecaSlim And How Does It Work

The formula comprises of superfoods – as to the how… rather that us repeat ourselves read the Lipovox Review

Where to Buy DecaSlim

The official website seems to be the main route for purchasing, however DecaSlim has been spotted via eBay!

Is DecaSlim Recommended

Not by the medical profession, not by a majority of consumers and certainly not by us.

Alternative Diet Pills

Capsiplex is fast becoming the de facto non prescription diet pill – it has received some glowing testimonies from the medical profession.

Billed as the “Miracle NHS Diet Pill” – it has been featured in many newspaper and magazine articles.

Capsiplex has sold a reported 1 million units in its first 6 months of release.