Diet Aid Roller Ball Review

The Diet Aid Roller Ball from Tisserand is claimed to be a skill-fully designed product, aimed at helping you to re-direct your energy towards healthy eating whenever you experience a moment of weakness.

Roller Ball is said to provide pocket-sized relief, with its’ essential oils serving as the necessary ingredients to re-nourish you. Customers are meant to utilize the Diet Aid Roller Ball to control their weight on any occasion when motivation is required.

Tisserand say that users of their Diet Aid Roller Ball will enjoy a sweet, rich aroma with zero calories. You are supposed to apply the product to your temples and your forehead, or onto the rear of your neck or wrists (on the pulse points) and gently massage it in. Allow the formula to absorb and inhale deeply to apparently feel the benefits of the therapeutic hand-blended oils.

What is in the Diet Aid Roller Ball

If you are ever tempted by the thought of reaching into your handbag to grab a sneaky snack, the compact Diet Aid Roller Ball is meant to serve as the perfect replacement. Its’ alternative, natural essential oils are all that you supposedly need to get you back on course.

Within a nourishing foundation of pure Jo-joba oil, the Tisserand Diet Aid Roller Ball combines three additional essential oils: euphoric and fortifying frankincense, exotic, rich cocoa and comforting floral neroli. These oils are ethically harvested to support your diet and balance your emotions.

Sold in a neat, convenient, pocket sized cosmetic purse / handbag, this product is suitable for both men and women. It contains only naturally occurring, pure essential oils and is free from parabens and synthetic fragrances.

Another important thing to note is that the manufacturers, Tisserand Aromatherapy, have not tested any of the ingredients in the Diet Aid Roller Ball on animals.

This product is suitable for Vegans and, because of the contents of the essential oils, the colour of the product might change over time.

Diet Aid Roller Ball Conclusion

Presently, there is not much customer feedback online about the Diet Aid Roller Ball, so it is impossible to know for sure exactly how good it is. It is worth noting that some customer reviews have pointed out that the smell of the product does fade after a short period of time.

Several other aromatherapy products on the market have smells which last for a whole day. With the Diet Aid Roller Ball, on the other hand, some customers are claiming that the smell disappears within 10 minutes.

Nonetheless, other users have said that they like the warm and sweet smell of the Diet Aid Roller Ball. The packaging of the product is certainly nice and it seems likely that it will work adequately well.

The blend of oils is also well balanced so as not to overwhelm the user. Some customers have said that you can almost ‘taste’ the smell of the oils, and that this did reduce their hunger cravings to a certain extent.

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