Dieters Cheating Caps Review

Dieters Cheating Caps UK reviewDieters Cheating Caps suggest that their product is “The Best” – so humility and scientific evidence are pushed aside in favour of a more straight to the point message that is typical of US focused diet pills.

Interestingly, the product bottle and logo is remarkably similar to Alli – whether GlaxoSmithKline are contemplating something remains to be seen.

The main tactic on the official website is to position Dieters Cheating Caps against Alli – and of course DCC beats Alli on just about every angle (weight loss effect, price, weight loss potential)

The official website claims “Cheaters Never Prosper” – that is until now.

What Are Dieters Cheating Caps

A stimulant free Carb Blocker, Fat Blocker and appetite suppressant rolled into one.

The main ingredients are:

Phaseolus Vulagaris – this is the carb blocking ingredient of the formula and sounds not unlike a magic spell used by Harry Potter et al but Phaseolus Vulgaris is White kidney Bean extract and used by a number of products as an ingredient, but not potent enough to be used as a main ingredient.

Chitosan – this is the fat blocker, Chitosan is derived from the extracts of shellfish such as shrimps and crabs. Chitosan has not be thoroughly tested on humans for effect or safety. Fat blockers and fat binders are possibly the most effective genre of diet pills – unfortunately Chitosan doesn’t fall into this category. More about Chitosan

Glucomannan – this is the appetite suppressing element. Glucomannan is proven to help you less the Diets Cheating Caps Co. tells us – but proven by whom. More about Appetite Suppressants

Do Dieters Cheating Caps Cause Side Effects

The Chitosan element does not have any long term clinical study in terms adverse reaction on humans, animals yes, human beings … no.

Success Stories And Testimonies

The official website has many positive consumer reviews, less bias and independent sources are little less flattering.

Do Dieters Cheating Caps Work

Glucomannan is possibly the standout ingredient – but when positioned against Hoodia Gordonii it trails behind by quite some considerable distance.

Where To Buy Dieters Cheating Caps

The official website appears to be only outlet (which is not to hard to find) – vey much targeted to the American consumer. UK customer will have to take shipping into consideration.

Looking Elsewhere – Other Diet Pills To Consider

Hoodia GordoniiHoodia Gordonii – a powerfull natural appetite suppressant that has a decade of history as far as usage is concerned in the western world.

Raw Hoodia powder can suppress appetite, reduce calorie intake and does cause any adverse reaction or side effects. More about Hoodia