ActiSlim Xtreme Review

ActiSlim produce a range of diet pills and weight loss products based on most the commonly found ingredients currently in existence.

ActiSlim Xtreme is a diet pill that is an improvement (50% nonetheless!) on its predecessor ActiSlim Ultra

The official ActiSlim website looks very nice but any real information is conspicuous by its absence.

We know that it is a fat burner but the finer workings not elaborated on.

The ingredient list does not inspire.

ActiSlim Xtreme Ingredients

  • Brazilian Cocoa -150mg
  • Moroccan Leaf Tea – 188mg
  • Naringin – 23mg
  • Ginger – 23mg
  • Gingko Biloba – 23mg
  • Odourless Garlic – 23mg

Does ActiSlim Xtreme Cause Side Effects

Should not pose a threat from a health perspective if taken in accordance with the manufacturers guidelines and usage documentation.

Does ActiSlim Xtreme Work

Its very hard to recommended ActSlim considering the weak formula.

Where To Buy ActiSlim Xtreme

The official website seems the most likely stockist

Alternative Fat Burner

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