Fenburn Fat Burner Review

Fenburn’s manufacturers claim its brand new, high potency fat burner is more effective than many other burners thanks to its higher levels of the clinically researched ingredients. Higher levels of ingredients mean higher results for you.

It helps you to lose your unwanted fat by raising your metabolism. However, thanks to the diversity of the ingredients, along with the way they work in harmony together, it has other useful weight loss benefits.

It acts as an appetite suppressor and also helps break down your body’s stored fat, which combined with it’s powerful fat burning effects make Fenburn a great help when you are trying to lose weight.

“I started using this supplement within the last week and already I am seeing a difference. Whatever is in these things must be really powerful stuff. Literally ten minutes after taking Fenburn I feel energized! That is awesome for my workouts. Just don’t take them in the evening otherwise you will never sleep”,

What Are The Ingredients?

Fenburn is packed with heavyweight, clinically researched ingredients all in amounts that will make a real difference to your weight loss efforts.

  • Bitter Orange Compared in effectiveness to the powerful, but no longer available  epinephrine. Seriously effective.
  • Green Tea Extract is known for its thermogenic, metabolism boosting effects.
  • Oolong Tea Increases fat burning by raising metabolism along with blocking a percentage of dietary fat absorption.
  • Capsaicin also speeds up metabolism and can decrease the body’s levels of Ghrelin, known as the hunger hormone.
  • L-Tyrosine is a great appetite suppressant and is yet another metabolism booster.
  • Caffeine. The ‘household name’ metabolism booster adds even more power and helps the body to break down stored fat for energy.
  • VitaminB12 helps your body synthesise fatty acids.
  • Bioperene A great addition to the formula as it improves the absorption of the other nutrients, ensuring your body can utilise more of them.


Obviously the biggest plus in Fenburn’s favour is the high levels of it’s ingredients. The manufacturers state that this is what lets many other fat burners down. Yes, the ingredients have many clinically researched fat loss benefits, but they have to be used in sufficient amounts to get any real effect.

The main ingredients, backed by clinical research are combined in Fenburn with other nutrients such as L-Tyrosine, Vit B12 and Caffeine, adding even more effectiveness. As Bioperene is included, the body’s absorption of the other ingredients is increased.

The ingredients are all natural and Fenburn offer a money back guarantee. Which means you can try it risk free.


Fenburn obviously uses powerful stimulating ingredients, so if you are caffeine sensitive or you’re easily over stimulated, it might not be suitable for you.

The only other thing worth mentioning is that you should not take Fenburn after 4pm as it may keep you awake at bedtime.

Does Fenburn Work?

As Fenburn contains a host of the most effective, clinically researched fat burners, in such high levels, it’s not difficult to understand why it’s so effective. Combined with your exercise plan, Fenburn really can make a huge difference to your results.

With the focus of the whole formula being the high levels of these effective nutrients, its quality  does seem to stand out in a crowded marketplace.

Synephrine, which is the main active chemical in Bitter Orange, is a known fat burner, increasing the metabolism, while increasing energy levels and body heat. Hunger reduction, improved weight loss and more energy are the benefits people using Bitter Orange usually report.

Not surprising when a clinical trial concluded that bitter orange was “the best thermogenic substitute for ephedra” (Journal of Medicine 2002).

Another study in 2009, from the journal Clinical Nutrition, involved 27 healthy volunteers. They found that increasing capsaicin intake may suppress appetite. The study found that combining  capsaicin with green tea, also in Fenburn, led subjects to feel less hungry and take in fewer calories.

Also, capsaicin may help decrease the hormone ghrelin, another great benefit as ghrelin controls hunger and that capsaicin can reduce the body’s amount of stored fat.

The Daily Mail recently featured and article connecting Capsaicin to fat loss  “The ingredient that gives hot sauce its heat could play a role in the future of weight loss, say scientists.”

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Capsaicin also stimulated proteins which break down fat and inhibited proteins known to produce fat, in a study of rats fed a high-fat diet in a 2010 (Journal of Proteome Research).

Maybe you’ve tried fat burners before and been unimpressed with your results. However Fenburn’s brand new high level formula could make all the difference and is certainly worth a try.

Price And Where To Buy

£39.95 seems a good deal for a months supply of 90 capsules. (You take 3 a day).

Keep in mind that many other, less effective fat burners cost the same but Fenburn’s ace up it’s sleeve is the higher levels of the clinically researched ingredients.

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