LipoFedra Review

LipoFedra is a new introduction that, according to its creators has been designed for people who have had a hard time trying to lose weight.

InnerVital (the manufacturers) populate their official web site with the obligatory images of attractive women and men in white laboratory coats, but no real information is present regarding the company.

LipoFedra is a fat burner by definition and judging by its ingredient list there is nothing present that warrants any kind of excitement – it is pretty standard stuff and certainly nothing that could be classed as revolutionary.

What In It – Ingredients

LipoFedra  has five key or main ingredients that are targeted at raising the metabolic rate, burn more calories and building lean muscle:

  • Chrome-Mate: Stimulates the effectiveness of the traces of Chromium found in certain food. Chromium is classified as a metal chemical element. Its’ impact on the weight loss process has not be extensively studied.
  • Super-Citrimax: From the Garcinia-Cambogia plant and supposed to be 3 times more beneficial for weight loss than exercise or dieting. Although, no tests have supported this claim.
  • Advantra Z: Produced from the extract of “Bitter Orange”. Whilst this has some positive benefits for health and is frequently utilized in products for weight loss, it hasn’t actually ever been proven to have any effect on losing weight.
  • Fucoxanthin: Can potentially aid weight loss, although not much research into this has been carried out.
  • Dimethylpentylamine: A diet supplement that is used in some of the more potent fat burners.

Does LipoFedra Cause Side Effects

Should not pose a risk to health if taken as recommended and suggested as per the manufacturers usage instructions.

Does LipoFedra Work

There are one or two ingredients that do have promise and are used in the stronger and premier products.

Dimethypentylamine (Dimethypentylamine Hydrochloride) for example is an Ephedra replacement – it increases cyclic AMP levels within the body. This increase in the enzyme boosts natural energy levels and thermogenic action to help you constantly burn fat by increasing your metabolism. This is the standout ingredient.

The formula as a whole cannot given any kind of recommendation largely due to competitive products that do the job better, faster and cheaper.

Where To Buy LipoFedra In The UK

Exclusively sold via the official website it would seem. There is no UK high street outlet or stockist such as Boots, Superdrug or Tesco etc.

Other Fat Burners To Consider

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PhenQ has almost carved out an entire niche for itself and has been in existence for around  3 years.

It has sold literally millions with a very high re-order rate.

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