Fastin Review

Fastin rapid fat loss pillsFastin is billed as a rapid fat loss diet pill – the USA tend to use the phrase fat loss as opposed to weight loss in the UK.

The USA get an awful lot of things wrong but this time they are spot on – fat loss is a reduction of fat, whereas weight loss is a reduction in weight, which could mean just water.

So a point to Fastin for pointing this out. So how does the product itself compare to the hundreds of other fat loss diet pill available to the consumer.

The marketing tactic of some diet pills manufacturers, especially those that hail from the other side of the Atlantic is to try to blind with science. References to B-Methyl-Phenethyalamine should not mean great a deal to the average customer.

There are some diet pills that inadequacies and failings are more than compensated for by aggressive advertising and some effective products let down by bad marketing. Fastin is somewhere of in the middle.

What Is Fastin

Fastin is a fast acting or rapid thermogenic intensifier specially produced for fat loss and to boost  energy levels Рthat is how the product wants to be perceived according to the official website.

The official website also claims that Fastin is now free to buy without the need of a prescription or GP intervention.

Does Fastin Work

Highly unreliable for the weight loss (fat loss) process – it is a Phentermine wannabee

Possible Side Effects

There are possible health risks that you should be aware of – Fastin may cause drowsiness, headaches, fatigue and nausea. It is not ideal to Fastin for any great length of time, it is very much a short term solution.

Is There A Money Back Guarantee

A guarantee is offered but only 30 days

Fastin Summary – Should I Buy Fastin

Ultimately, Fastin is misleading there are just too many comparison to Phentermine. The products itself is weak and outdated. Mainly US distributed and cost prohibitive for a UK consumer.

The company behind the production have shown several inconsistencies and unusual business practices.

Other Diet Pills To Consider

Phen375 – a pharmacy grade diet pill made from FDA approved ingredients BUT available to buy without prescription.

Phen375 is a fat burner and appetite suppressant.

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