Fat Magnets Diet Pills Review

Fat Magnets are natural diet pills containing a patented ingredient called ChitosanPlex, a derivative of Chitsosan.

They are aimed at the moderately overweight or those who are in need of reducing the fat intake from their daily food portions..

Unlike a majority of natural diet pills that are free to buy without prescription over the counter, Fat Magnets are not based on a herbal formula but contain extracts of shellfish.

Fat Magnets How Do They Work

Unlike herbal or plant based formulas, Chitosan has a positive ionic charge. In the ChitosanPlex, a special refining process gets rid of all the iodine and protein from the fibre, leaving an organically inert substance with a positive charge.

It is because of this positive charge that, each capsule has the ability to attract digested fats, which are negatively charged. Just as opposites attract, the fat is grabbed, ‘like iron filling to a magnet’. (hence Fat Magnets) The ‘magnetised’ material is then passed harmlessly through the digestive tract and leave via bowel movements.

“Anyone with a allergies to Shellfish should avoid

Fat Magnets Side Effects

Any diet pill or capsule that contains Chitosan should be approached with caution. People with allergies to shellfish can develop a reaction ranging from minor to potentially severe. More about Chitosan

Do Fat Magnets Work

The problem with diet pills that are based on Chitosan is that is just not enough clinical research performed on the potential long term health issues. They do not offer anything over an above the herbal based products from both a efficacy and safety perspective.

Where To Buy Fat Magnets

Available to buy from selected high street branches of Superdrug.

Alternatives To Fat Magnets

Fat binding is a more efficient and safer alternative to using Chitosan based diet capsules.

Fat binders can stop the absorption of approximately 27% of fat from the food that you consume.

Proactol is regarded to be the premier fat binder available to obtin with prescription.

More about Proactol