Do Fat Metaboliser Pills Work

A quite familiar diet pill sold amongst others in Holland and Barrett is Fat Metaboliser from Nutritional Headquarters.

It is fat burner that is very much aimed at the budget end of the weight loss market.

Fat Burners can be a bit hit and miss, for every effective product there is (unfortunately) a Fat Metaboliser.

How Does It Work

In a similar fashion to most fat burners by raising the bodies metabolic rate and proving energy allowing the body to be mobile and burn excess body fat.

Does It Cause Side Effects

Should not cause any major adverse reaction if taken as prescribed – although a commonality of most fat burners is a propensity to increase the heart rate.

Other side effects include

  • Headache
  • Nausea
  • Restlessness

Is Fat Metabliser Recommended

Very difficult to give any kind of recommendation too.

Where To Buy Fat Metaboliser

Holland and Barrett is good place to start.

Alternative Fat Burners

Capsiplex – the chili diet pill. Brad Pitt, Jennifer Lopez and Britney Spears are amongst its high profile celebrity users.

So are the general public it would seem with the one millionth bottle sold midway through 2010.

Capsiplex can help you burn more than 12x more calories than diet and exercise alone.

More about Capisplex