Fulfill Plus

FulFill Plus is a new diet pill that is being sold within selected branches Holland and Barrett stores across the UK.

FulFill Plus is the invention of a German doctor who aim was to provide a diet pill that could help the obese and overweight overcome what is possibly their biggest weight loss obstacle – reducing daily calorie intake and food portion control

FulFill Plus is an appetite suppressant that utilises key ingredients that aid portion control and also help reduce the need to snack between meals.

FulFill Plus Ingredients

Each capsule is suitable for vegetarians and contains 400mg of Plantago ovatae, Sodium bicarbonate and Magnesium stearate.

FulFill Plus How Does It Work

The natural ingredients contained in the capsule create a gelatinous compound that is absorbed into the stomach that in turn creates a feeling of satiety or fullness.

This ‘fullness’ makes reducing food portions in a controlled and healthy manner extremely simple and promotes long term weight loss.

Does Fulfill Plus Cause Side Effects

Highly unlikely to cause a side effects if used as suggested – although as a cautionary measure if you experience any adverse reaction cease taking immediately.

Where To Buy Fulfill Plus In The UK

Selected branches of Holland & Barrett and also via the official website. Prices start ate £36.00 for one supply.


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