Gastric Band Diet Pill Review

Fern Britton and Gastric BandingStomach stapling or gastric banding has been featured in recent months with several high profile celebrities posing the “Did they or didn’t they” question.

Possibly the biggest celebrity to be embroiled in media debate was  Fern Britton.

More recently Fern admitted that she did undergo surgery for the fitting of a Gastric band in 2006. At first Fern attributed her weight loss success to a change of diet and cycling.

Later fern admitted in a public statement:

“As interest is so high, I am making public, as a personal choice, that I had a gastric band operation two years ago”

Fern’s surgery did prove a success but plenty of others have not been so fortunate…

Which Diet Pill Was Voted Best in Class 2008 and 2009

Gastric Banding should be as last resort when all attempts of a more natural weight loss process has failed, not only due only to the high cost but also the potential dangers. Anything that involves evasive surgery on a major organ carries risk.

Gastric Banding involves an almost torturous peice of equipment planted internally and adjusted at regular intervals…. yeagh

How Does A Gastric Band Work

Dangers That Could Result Of Gastric Banding Include

  • Infections
  • Internal Bleeding
  • Deep Vein Thrombosis
  • Digestive Disorders

The Gastric Band Diet Pill

The Gastric Band Diet Pill, conversly does not involve surgery – it is a generic term that several manufacturers have “coined” – it is really nothing other than an appetite suppressant

One of the originators to jump onto the  “Gastric Band” concept was Clinico – the product was simply called the Gastric Band Diet Pill

The Gastric Band Diet Pill How Does It Work

The ingredients within the formula are supposed to expand in the stomach creating a smaller capacity – this in turn creates a feeling satiety or fullness.

The Clinico product was the original and still available today, the official website is something of a bizarre one – as other than the usual positive comments from “satisfied” cutsomers there is no reference to how the products works, clinical data or indeed what the product looks like.

We could have ordered one for our own examination and imagery – but quite frankly we couldn’t be bothered. Check it out for yourself

Incedentally, and for the record, Fern Britton as not to our knowledge used a Gastric Band Diet Pill – and we are not suggesting that she has.
Do Gastric Band Pills Really Work

The real lack of any kind of clinical proof raises major doubts. Most of the success stories involving Gastric Band Diet Pills do seem a tad manufacturerd.

Alternative Appetite Suppressants

The most popular, widely discussed and universally disagreed on appetite suppressant is Hoodia Gordonii

HoodiaHoodia has centuries if not milleniums of usage

Hoodia extract products are quite litterally ten a penny and usually eminate from the United States.

Raw powder Hoodia products are few and far between – the UK does, however, have two premier products.

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