Grenade Thermo Detonator Diet Pill Review

If there was a prize for the most garish and openly gimmicky diet pill packaging – we have a winner.

The Grenade Thermo Detonator is a fat burner that is packaged to look like a ….hand grenade.

The ingredients within are nothing new, nor revolutionary.

What Does The Grenade Thermo Detonator Do

The Grenade is the self proclaimed “state of the art” weight management system created to energize your metabolism.

“When used in tandem with a sensible diet and exercise plan, Grenade can increase your energy levels, mobilize fat and help you achieve the body that you have always desired.”

Grenade Thermo Detonator Ingredients

Green Tea: 500mg
Bitter Orange Peel: 420mg
Caffeine: 225mg
Cayenne: 200mg
Phenylalanine: 25mg
Green Coffee: 10mg

Other ingredients:  Magnesium Stearate, Gelatin Capsule, (Purified Water, Colours: E133, E102 & E129), Titanium

Genade Side Effects

Could cause a a slight fluctuation to your heart rate, cause a mild headache and nausea.

Where To Buy Grenade Thermo Detonator

In store at Holland and Barrett. It is not cheap.

100 capsules will cost you around £45.00

Does It Work

Not ideal for the casual dieter. This product is more geared the bodybuilding fraternity.

There does not appear to mant positive reviews from consumers.

Alternative Fat Burners

One of the most successful burners currently available is Capsiplex

Capsiplex has enjoyed an avalanche of media exposure this year with a reported 1 million units sold in the first few months of release.

Capsiplex is the Chili Diet Pill that can help you burn calories more efficiently.

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