Natural Herbal Slimming Tablets

Herbal diet pillsIf you are thinking of introducing or employing the use of a  diet pill to aid the weight loss process – the choice is either the chemical based prescription only route or the more natural and herbal based products.

Chemical or pharamaceutical diet products cannot be purchased and are not available to everyone. To qualify for a prescription you will have to be classed as very over weight or obese.

Your GP will assess your lifestyle, dietary habits and current situation and after he or she has underlined the potential health risks associated with what is in essence a drug, possibly offer you a prescription.

For everyone else, who are not considered dangerously over weight or obese – the non prescription market beckons.

Non Prescription Herbal Diet Pills

A majority of the diet pills that are freely available to buy over the counter in health stores in the high street and via the internet are herbal based and come from the natural world.

There may be minor interference from a chemical perspective on a few herbal based products by the majority remain completely natural.


Herbal diet pills account for approximately 90% of the non prescription market – diet products that you will find in high street stores such as Superdrug, Holland and Barrett, Boots and supermarket chains will be herbal in the majority.

Popular Herbal Diet Pills

Two of the most common herbal diet pills found in the high street are Lipobind and Adios – both are completely natural and both claim to be the best selling natural diet pill in the UK.

The major problem that the herbal diet pill industry faces especially in the UK is the influx of so called wonder or miracle diet pills from across the Atlantic.

The herbal diet pill market is not governed as strictly as the prescription market and so producers of natural products have pretty much carte blanche so they can pretty much say what they want and make outrageous claims in respect of the efficacy of their products.

Some of the stand out culprits are the much publicized Lipovox and Orovo that lead with the superfood ideology.

Herbal Diet Pills And Side Effects

The advantage a majority of herbal based diet pills have over their chemical cousins is that they are least likely to cause side effects. The herbal diet pill genre most likely to cause a side effect, although not severe, is the fat burner

Herbal Fat Burners

Herbal fat burners usually are based around stimulants such as caffeine – many a comment has been made in connection to a restless feeling, nausea, headache or insomnia. Image drinking several large cups of coffee throughout the day – welcome to the fat burner.

Fat burners are considered to be the less effective of all the diet pill genres.

Most Effective Herbal Diet Pills

Two of the most effective types of diet pill are the fat stopper (blocker or binder) and the appetite suppressant.

Xenical is quite possibly the most effective prescription only diet pill – it is the most likely to be prescribed if you qualify for a GP administered diet drug. Xenical is a fat blocker and stops the absorption of fat from being digested into your stomach. More about Xenical

The natural world have products that can replicate the success of Xenical by binding fat – fat binders. These work in similar way and are equally effective. Read More about Fat Binders

Appetite suppressants are another very effective method for reducing not only body weight but body fat. Appetite suppressants can provide the will power often lacking in people who want to reduce or cut down on the amount of food consumed or calories taken on daily.

The most popular natural appetite suppressant is Hoodia Gordonii – Hoodia capsules should contain raw Hoodia powder taken from a cactus like plant that is native to Southern Africa.

There are hundreds of brands of Hoodia available to purchase but only a few remain true to its origin. Luckily the UK has tow Hoodia product that contain legitimate authentic produce –