Hoodia Balance Review

Hoodia Balance UKThere are more diet pills that contain Hoodia Gordonii as either a main ingredient or sole ingredient than any other.

Hoodia as an appetite suppressant been part of the over the counter diet pill market for over 10 years and is often used by producers to give additional impact to their products.

Hoodia Gordonii is considered to be the most effective natural appetite suppressant on earth – but there is sometimes confusion as “Hoodia” is not a brand but a genus.

Just because a diet product mentions Hoodia on the packaging or lists it as an ingredient it does not necessarily mean that the product includes the genuine Hoodia Gordonii substance.

If you are unaware of what this natural appetite suppressant is and what it does – Read Hoodia Questions & Answers

What Is Hoodia Balance

Hoodia Balance is one of the most commonly sold “Hoodia” diet pill brands in America – it contains 750mg of the ingredient.

The real problem with Hoodia Balance is that is contradicts the principle of “pure”  – The purest form of Hoodia Gordonii is the raw powder taken from the cactus and it is best taken in its undiluted form.

Hoodia Balance does include a few filler ingredients such as magnesium Stearate and Stearic Acid which is a real no-no.

Is Hoodia Balance Genuine Hoodia

We would love the answer to be yes – as the product is produced by one of the USA’s finest diet pill merchants, HealthBuy – but there are several inconsistencies that lead us to believe that extract is used instead of the CITES certified raw p57 powder.

Is Hoodia Balance Recommended

For a UK consumer it is hard to recommend for a number of reasons: The product ships from the United States and so delivery costs may be prohibitive, there is doubt as to the authenticity of the ingredient used in production and possibly the biggest reason is that the UK produces what are two of the finest Hoodia product in existence.

Where To Buy Hoodia Balance

Hoodia Balance can be purchased from the official online store only.

UK Hoodia Diet Pills

Pure HoodiaPure Hoodia – another genuine CITES certified product produced by a company that has a 10 year history in the market. Pure Hoodia contains slightly less per capsule at around 400mg but is slightly cheaper.

Pure Hoodia also offer a guarantee and allow telephone purchases.