Leptoprin Fat Burner Review

Leptoprin fat burnerLeptoprin is a very expensive diet product at over $150 (£100) for just one months supply

It should be fairly familiar with American consumers but less so in the UK.

It is advertised quite aggressively in the USA. The advertising agency responsible have spent a fortune on ad campaigns using the methodology that if you hear it enough times it will become a household name and therefore can be trusted.

The official website does not look as though it has been built with the consumer in mind – there is very little information to be found. There is a product analysis that goes at great length to convince but doesn’t!

It is produced by AG Waterhouse and at time writing seems to be have been rebranded under the name of Leptoprin-SD

Former producers Klein Becker did at one time market under the name Anorex but far to problematic to explain in great detail the reason for the rebrand

Leptoprin tries to give the impression it is serious pharmaceutical grade diet pill – but in reality it is just another fat burner and an expensive one at that.

This review is short and sweet.

If you are considering purchasing this product our advice would be to hold fire until is completely understood what exactly happened with rebranding and what the reasoning was for the product changing ownership.

Other Fat Burners To Consider

One the strongest fat burners available on the open market is Phen375.

Phen375 is based around the concept of the prescription diet drug Phentermine.

Phentermine is only available via prescription, Phen375 is the viable alternative and available without prescription. Phen375 also has appetite suppressing properties. It is a superior product manufactured in FDA approved facilities.