Lipofuze Fat Burner UK Review

Lipofuze Fat Burner UK ReviewLipofuze is a typical diet pill produced by the United States for the United States.

With the greatest respect to our cousins across the Atlantic, they do seem to fall into the hype laden trap that Lipofuze and dozens of similar products seem to set.

Lipofuze is over hyped, over advertised and unfortunately, over here.

What Is Lipofuze

A fat burner that contains the same or similar ingredients to many, many other fat burners. Remove the brand names and the products seem to blur into one.

“Lose 10lbs in 10 days or your money back” is the rather optimistic message on the official website.

The other marketing message that typifies US products is to try to eliminate the competition by using bold statements such as:

Stop Wasting Money On Diet Pills That Dont Work

…they should have really tagged on a “ours does, honest!”  for maximum impact.

Lipofuze Success Stories

The official website draws attention to clinical evidence and scientific study, although this appears to be very vague and not an awful lot of elaboration.

The weight loss success stories and testimonials are extremely positive on the Lipofuze website – more impartial sources are less than flattering!

Does Lipofuze Work

Highly doubtful.

Where To Buy Lipofuze

Very easy to find on the web, UK consumers may find ordering problematic.

Alternatives Diet Pills

Fat burners on the whole are the least effective genre of diet pills.

Just to underline this fact if you went to your GP or doctor and where eligible for a course of prescription diet pills, he or she would either prescribe a product that stops or prevents fat absorption (fat blocker, fat binder) or a product that suppresses appetite.

It is highly unlikely a fat burner would be prescribed.

The most credible and clinically proven diet pill available without prescription is a fat binder called Proactol

Proactol best fat Binder UKProactol is manufactured and distributed from within the UK – its was voted “best finder” by successful dieters who participated in the Telegraph newspaper diet poll for the second year in succession (2008 -2009)

A full 6 month guarantee is in place – if you are not happy with your progress send it back! Communication is very transparent both prior to ordering and after sales.

A majority of products sold via the web nowadays are largely annoymous – Proactol displays a telephone and encourages telephone orders.

More about Proactol