Liposinol Diet Pills

Liposinol fat binderLiposinol is available without the need of a prescription and is can be purchased in most high outlets and also from many health or supplement related online stores.

It is classed as a natural, herbal based, fat binder – fat binding is one of the most effective classes of diet pills

As with a majority of herbal based fat binders it is uses completely natural ingredients and has limited intervention from the pharmaceutical or chemical world.

Liposinol is a natural fibre complex formulated from the dehydrated leaves of the Opuntia Ficus-Indica cactus.

How Does Liposinol Work

The basic ideology behind fat binders is to stop the digestion of dietary fat from the food we consume.

The natural fibres contained within the formula bind with fat and form a substance too large for the stomach to absorb.

This new constitution of fat can then simply pass through the body and leave as bowel movements.

Fat binders share similarities with fat blockers but are far removed form fat burners.

Diet pills that burn fat require the body to be mobile before the formula starts to have an effect – whereas fat binders and fat blockers work under their own volition.

Liposinol works on 4  fronts:

  • Binds a percentage of dietary fat
  • Reduces hunger and decreases food cravings
  • Suppresses appetite
  • Helps reduce blood cholesterol levels

Does Liposinol Cause Side Effects

Highly unlikely to cause a side effect – some diet pills that prevent the absorption of dietary fat can cause a rather unpleasant ruuny stool.

This has been highlighted recently by the introduction of the fat blocker Alli Orlistat.

fat binders do not suffer from this issue anywhere to the extent of fat blockers.

Is Liposinol A Recommended Diet Pill

It is certainly one of the better diet product available on the market – it is free from the hype that surrounds a majority of its competitive products.

Where To Buy Liposinol

Can be purchased in may high street outlets including Boots, Superdrug and many leading supermarket chains.

Similar Fat Binders

lipobind or Proactol comparisonProactol and Lipobind will always overshadow Liposinol. Lipobind is one of the best selling over the counter diet pills currently in the UK.

Proactol a similar but higher strength product has been voted Best Fat Binder for the second year in succession.

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