Proactol In Chat Magazine

Our old friend Proactol is the media again – this time an article in coffee time favourite Chat Magazine.

The article features a mother of 3 called Samantha who had piled on the pounds over the last 7 years while having her children.

Samantha had tried several diets over the last few years including the Cabbage Soup Diet and Beyonce Knowles’s favourite the Maple Syrup Diet.

All her attempts to shift those extra pounds were to no available. She even tried (god forbid) eating sensibly and exercising.

When her bathroom scales didn’t reflect her her expectation she reached for the chocolate.

It seems her weight loss attempts were to be in vein – until she discovered Proactol.

“The appetite suppressant helped me to overcome those mid morning and mid afternoon cravings”

Samantha reached her desired weight and attributes her success to the fat binding and appetite suppressing qualities within Proactol.

Samantha went from 12st to 9st 5lbs in just a few short months.

Proactol can stop the absorption of up to 28% of fat from consumed and also help you to resist the temptation to eat between meals.

It is completely natural and does not cause any adverse reactions or side effects.

Proactol can be purchased from the official website Рcurrent using a voucher code PROAC8will entitle you to a 8% discount on 4 months supply and above.

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Here is the Proactol article in Chat Magazine