Maxitone Sculptress Shake Review

Holland and Barrett stock a wide and varied range of diet pills, weight loss product and slimming drinks.

Maxitone Sculptress Shake is a fairly new introduction and is being discussed in the relative diet and weight loss forums on the internet.

Sculptress is available in two flavours chocolate and strawberry.

Sculptress is also available in capsule form – for the purpose of this review we are concentrating on the slimming shake.

What Is Maxitone Scuptress

Sculptress shakes are unique low-GI high protein shake, that have been created for weight conscious women looking for high quality nutrition to use in addition to there existing weight loss regime

They are to be used to accompany used a healthy balanced diet. Each measure has 32g of protein, enriched with the finest whey to support your daily nutritional needs

What Is In Maxitone Scupltress

Sculptress shakes contain ingredients such as CLA (conjugated linoleic acid), green tea and caffeine.

Any Potential Side Effects

Should not cause any concern from a health prospective if taken as suggested.

Customer Feedback and Comments

Mixed reviews and comments – there is nothing new within the formula to get too excited about.

Do Maxitone Sculptress Shakes Work

Maxitone do provide some quality products, this particular product though we cannot give a recommendation to until some more positive consumer comments and success stories start to emerge.

Where To Buy Sculptress Shakes

In store at Holland and Barrett

Alternative Diet Products

If you are feel a slimming drink is where your weight loss success lies then go ahead and purchase Sculptress.

Another alternative genre is the natural diet pill Proactol Plus.

The sheer weight of diet products on the market can be overwhelming – we recommend Proactol Plus if you are intending to use a diet pill. The advertising standards are currently clamping down of product manufacturers that make claims that they cannot substantiate.

Proactol Plus is fully licensed and fully accredited. It is a serious weight loss product that can be purchased without prescription.

Judge for yourself. Read more about Proactol Plus