Meratol Featured In Grazia Magazine

Another media coup for Meratol, this time Grazia magazine have featured (mentioned) them in an article that is centred around the growing ethos that diet pills really are Viagra for women.

Whether “Skinny” is currently in fashion or not the fact remains that there are very few women on the planet who would not jump at the chance at being able to lose a few pounds relatively easy and with little participation on their part.

To read the full article you will have to buy this months Grazia magazine.

Back To Meratol…

If you have not heard then you must have disconnected form the media for past few months. Meratol (just like its sister product Capsiplex) is selling rather well.

So well in fact that getting hold of the product is proving to be rather difficult. if you manage to find either Meratol or Capsiplex in store at Boots, Holland and Barrett etc.. photograph it.

Both products have the earned the title “miracle diet pill” a phrase that is overused and under substantiated in recent years.

Meratol is 4 weight loss methods in 1 that tackles the very basica as to how we get fat in the first place.

A carb blocker, fat binder, fat burner and appetite suppresser ingredients are all contained in the product

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