Most Popular Diet Pills 2010

We are half way through 2010 and looking back over the last 6 months reveals the most popular diet pills that UK dieters are buying.

Here is a list of the best selling and most popular diet products available in the UK.

All the products are non prescription and can be purchased either on the high street or the manufacturers website.

Capsiplex – the chili diet pill was introduced only a short while ago and already a reported 1 million units have been sold.

Capsiplex is manufactured by an independent company and not a major pharmaceutical organisation – its success has been quite staggering.

A major coup was the association with several high profile celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez, Britney Spears and Brad Pitt.

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Alli – was the talk of 2009 and still selling by the bucketload.

Alli is the fat blocker that can stop fat absorption but can also be prone to one quite embarrassing side effect.

Alli is the only non prescription diet pill to be granted FDA approval and is manufactured by pharmaceutical giant GSK – whether this is connected is up for interpretation.

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– Hoodia Gordonii has been regarded to be the most effective natural appetite suppressant for over a decade. It has been sold in just about every country in the world.

Hoodia is native to Southern Africa and could be facing extinction soon – it is now considered an endangered species and covered under the CITES agreement.

Hoodia importance cannot be understated … Hoodia is to weight loss what oil is to the motoring industry.

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