Does Orovo Detox Work

Orovo DetoxOrovo Detox is not that dissimilar to the Original Orovo. It contains the 10 superfoods plus around 30 of what the manufacturers claim to be Super Detox Agents.

The problem with Orovo Detox (and the Original) is that they are marketed in much the same way as a lot of the so called superfood diet pills that are currently flooding the market.


The other problem that the Orovo faces from a marketing perspective is lack of belief – this is not only a diet/detox product but it can also reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, plus prevent acne…says the official website.

What Is Orovo Detox

As mentioned it is basically original Orovo with another 30 ingredients added and focused toward detox

The 10 Superfoods are: Acai, Alfalfa, Barley, Buckwheat, Cayenne Pepper, Flaxseed, Garlic, Lactobacillus Acidophilus, Soy Isoflavones and Wheatgrass.

All of the above mentioned do provide a benefit to health but it is the quantity of each ingredient that brings Orovo in potential disrepute. The amount of each ingredient is so miniscule that the potential effect will be largely unrealised.

Detox Ingredients

Aloe Vera Alpha Lipoic Acid Apple Cider Vinegar
B6 Buchu Leaves Couch Grass
Dandelion DMAE Ginger
Grape Seed Grapefruit Seed Green Tea
Idebenone Juniper Berries Lemon
Licorice Root Magnesium Stearate Mangosteen
Milk Thistle Noni Fruit Papaya Fruit
Parsley Leaves Pomegranate Potassium Gluconate
Raspberry Red Clover Sage Leaf
Senna Leaf Uva Ursi

A long list of ingredients (plus the other 10 superfoods) that cannot possibly contain enough of any one ingredient.

Possible Side Effects

Its one saving grace is that it most likely will not pose a serious risk to health.

Where To Buy Orovo Detox

You can buy direct from the official website – we are not going to provide a link as we do net believe in this product.

Orovo Detox – Should I Buy

Product such as Orovo and Orovo Detox are not recommended. There is no clinical proof, no scientific evidence and no customer service if you take note of the some of the consumer and customer complaints on weight loss forums and chat rooms.

Alternative Diet Products

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