Orovo Xtreme Review

Orovo Xtreme ReviewOrovo Xtreme is the latest product in the Orovo range. It is advertised as the Supercharged Superfood diet pill.

It is combination of the 10 staple superfoods contained in both Orovo orginal and Orovo Detox, plus an additional 40 ingredients.

The 10 superfoods that Orovo are so proud to promote are: Acia, Alfafa, Barley, Buckwheat, Cayenne Pepper, Flaxseed, Garlic, Lactobacillus Acidophilus, Soy and wheatgrass.

Plus of course the extra 40 ingredients – making 50 in total. It would far easier to list the ingredients not included.

While this whole superfood concept does have some research attached to it – the effect of a diet pill with so many ingredients in such low quantities is unproven

The amount of each individual ingredient is so tiny that is highly unlikely that it would any effect at all as the benefits are so diluted.

Orovo Xtreme For Weight Loss

Orovo Xtreme is not just targeted to the weight loss consumer but the health conscious who are in need of a detox product.

The weight loss element is centred around fat burning with the inclusion of 5 fat burning ingredients.

These ingredients are meant to work at thermal level, heating up your body (thermogenesis). The jury is very much out as to whether thermogensis is directly responsible for weight loss.

Orovo Xtreme For Detox

The detox element is supposedly aimed at a cellular level, but no explanation is made as to how.

Orovo Xtreme Side Effects

Some users may experience a jittery feeling, insomina and anxiety – a common side effect found in large proportion of commercial fat burners.

Should I Buy Orovo Xtreme

We are not strong supporters of this whole Orovo and superfood concept. For one the product is very expensive for something that does not have any real conclusive evidence to suggest it is effective.

The cost varies between $199 and $99 by today UK exchange rate makes purchasing cost prohibitive.

Secondly, cramming in every ingredient under the sun and aiming a product at a multitude of conditions, weight loss, detox, anti ageing is a tad optimistic.

Looking Elsewhere

If you main concern is weight loss there are several products available both via prescription and over the counter that offer clinically proven results without the over elaboration shall we say.