Phentramin-D Review

Phentramin-D appetite suppressantPhentramin-D is the newer and much improved version of the original Phentramin according to the marketing literature.

The inclusion of Dimethylpentylamine as a main component is an obvious reference to the “-D” part of the brand.

Brands such as this one (and dozens of others) try to bear resemblance to the prescription only appetite suppressant Phentermine.

What Is Phentramin-D

It is basically an appetite suppressant that contains some fat burning ingredients – it not so different to the vast array of other similar sounding diet pills that are being trotted out currently. There are huge differences between competing brands.

One the best product to arrive in the UK in recent years is Phen375 – an appetite suppressant and a fat burner that uses ingredients that are both pharmaceutically formulated and natural.

It has taken the Phentermine concept to a whole new level -it is now available to buy direct from the official website without prescription.

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The manufacturers and various review websites try to draw similarities with Phentermine – and distance the product from Hoodia.

Is Phentramin-D The Legal Phentermine

From a marketing perspective it could be classed as unique, from a product efficacy angle probably not wisest of decisions.

Phentermine was is in all likelyhood the most effective substance for suppressing appetite, but was also highly likely to cause a whole host of related side effects. More about Phentermine

Hoodia Appetite SuppressantsTo try to cast aspertions on Hoodia Gordonni, the natural appetite suppressant with the longest history of use, effect and safety as mentioned above, could be considered an own goal.

The last decade has installed Hoodia, or at least products made from raw Hoodia CITES certified powder, as the most effective, safest natural way to suppress appetite.

How Does Phentramin-D Work

The official website is designed to baffle and confuse – a clinically proven product without any detail or documentation is further contradicted with a suggested “barely legal” status while containing nothing remotely contraband of any description.

I a nut shell this is what Phentramin-D is advertised to do…

  • Suppresses appetite
  • Burns excess body fat
  • Increases or raises metabolism

It contains Trimethylxanthine and Dimethylpentylamine. You would be forgiven for not fully inderstanding what these substances are – and advised to not bother investigating at any great length.

Does Phentramin-D Cause Side Effects

May cause a similar experience caused by many similar diet products, such as headache, nausea and a feeling of restlessness.

Phentramin-D Work

Not a product that instills a vast amount of confidence.

Where To Buy Phentramin-D

The official website looks the most likely option (which is not too difficult to find) UK consumers may find purchasing a tad problematic as the product is distributed from the US.

Looking Elsewhere

If you are seriously considering using a diet pill – it is highly recommended to visit you GP as a first port of call.

If your BMI is at a certain level you may be offered a course of prescription diet pills.

One of the latest products to arrive in the UK is Phen375 – Phen375i is based on the concept of Phentermine and contains both pharmacy grade and natural ingredients. Its acts as both an appetite suppressant and fat burner.

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