Lipobind And Proactol Comparison

Celebrity endorsements do not particularly add value to a product nor do they validate credentials.

They do, however, give credibility and create brand awareness.

A vast majority of diet and weight loss products available over the counter have used the celebrity angle in their marketing material to some degree.

Good, bad or indifferent the effect seems to be wearing off as the consumer is becoming wise and the once celebrity endorsement now has changed somewhat into a type of contractually obliged paid to adverse arrangement.

The two ends of the scale are typified by two products with very similar backgrounds, similar ingredients but poles apart in terms of marketing approach.

Lipobind And Proactol

Lipobind and Proactol are both manufactured and distributed within the UK, both are natural binders and both can prevent a portion of fat from food consumed from being digested.

The differences occur when the marketing is brought into the equation.

Lipobind has a large advertising budget and not scared to spend it. The usual tactic is place advertisement strategically in glossy magazine, on billboards and now the first steps into advertising on television.

Melinda Messenger LipobindLipobind are also not shy when it comes to the celebrity endorsement. To date – Katy Hill, Lucy Benjamin ad Melinda Messenger have revealed their Lipobind success story.

Lipobid is available to buy in store at several well known outlets including Superdrug, Holland and Barret many leading supermarkets. It is also available to purchase online from several registered pharmacies.

Proactol on other hand have never really courted the media and rely on the real life testimonial and medical endorsement.

Proactol is not quite so widely available – purchases can only be made from the official Website.

Proactol and Lipobind compared

How Does Proactol Compare To Lipobind