Proto-Col Carb Blocker Phase 2

Proto-ColCarb BlockerThe carb blocker diet pill has been gaining in popularity  in recent times.

The Atkins Diet is largely responsible for the insurgence of diet products that are centred around stopping the effect of this particular food group.

Many experts within the industry feel that is it the carbohydrate that is a major cause for producing and creating excess fat.

Whether this is just speculation fueled by the media remains to be seen.

Proto-Col Carb Blocker

Proto-Col Carb Blocker utilizes Phase 2 technology – this serves to prevent the digestion of carbohydrates in the body and their conversion into starch.

Phase 2 has successfully undergone clinical trials and proven to reduce and prevent the absorption of over 50% carbohydrates or carbs.

“Phase 2 is suitable for diabetics

How Do Carb Blockers Work

There are basically two types of “carbs” simple, or monosaccharides and complex, or polysaccharides.

Simple carbs are usually found in sugary and sweet foods, whereas complex carbs are found in foods with a higher starch content (bread pasta and potatoes)

Carbohydrates blocked by carb blockersAll food that we consume is eventually broken down into simple glucose – but the more complex the carb, the longer it will take to digest.

The sugar calories that result from this process will supply us with much needed energy or fuel. If we introduce more carbohydrates than our body requires at the time, these calories are stored as fat cells around the body, causing weight gain.

Phase 2 prevents over half of unnecessary or unneeded carbohydrates from being absorbed by your body.

Does Proto-Col Carb Blocker Cause Side Effects

This particular brand is relatively side effect free – but the same cannot be said of similar carb blocker product that do not use Phase 2 technology.

Carb blocker can be guilty of depriving the body of its primary and most natural source of energy.

Where To Buy Proto-Col Carb Blocker with Phase 2

Can be purchased in a majority of high street stockists as well as one online via selected authorised resellers.

The typical cost is around £21.99 – currently WeightWorld are supplying for £19.79

Alternative Carb Blockers

Meratol – the powerful carb blocker that can prevent up to 80% of carb absorption.

Meratol can also reduce calorie intake and suppress appetite.

Meratol was recently featured in the media after Lauren Goodger from TOWIE (The Only Way Is Essex) fame attributed her weight loss success to Meratol.

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