Purefect Aid 4 Slimming Review

Purefect Aid 4 Slimming capsules are part of the 3 step diet plan from HowToGetSlim, the new weight loss product from Natural Detox Ltd.

Recently advertised in the media (OK Magazine and Sunday Express magazine supplement) the manufacturers explain that now summer is approaching a more desirable physique is necessary.

HowToGetSlim was founded in 2007 by Richard Myerson and a team of highly qualified personal trainers, weight loss experts and dietitians.

Their aim was to create an easy, highly effective system for anyone who wants to lose weight fast, with minimal effort.

3 Weight Loss Products In One

The marketing is pretty good – howabout the product!

Step 1. Purefect Aid 4 Slimming capsules are natural diet pills that are reported to help get rid of fat, waste and bloating, for fast weight loss and detoxification.

Step 2. A diet patch containing Fucus vesiculosus & 5-HTP to speed metabolism and act as an appetite suppressant, Guarana that can assist with the burning of excess body fat and Lecithin & L-carnitine metabolizes fatty acids and distributes bodyweight.

Step 3. A Diet and Fitness Plan. Using online videos and suggested meal plan.

The cost for all this is £49.95 and available only to UK customers.

The main components of this product are obviously the Purefect Aid 4 Slimming diet pill and the slimming patch – when the fluff of the marketing are removed you are left with a diet pill (detox) that does not really explain how it works or what is actually included in the formula.

The slimming patch does reveal the ingredients but does not have any clinical references as such to highlight its efficacy.

Where To Buy Purefect Aid For Slimming Capsules

Can be purchased directly from HowToGetSlim.co.uk

Are Purefect Aid 4 Slimming Capsules Recommended

Very hard to recommended without clinical proof or any real success stories.

Alternative Diet Pills

Very hard to ignore Capsiplex the fat burner and appetite suppressant that has had masses of media exposure.

Capsiplex contains an ingredient usually reserved for NHS patients and is also available to buy WITHOUT prescription.

When Capsiplex was first introduced to the UK it was completely sold out after just 3 days.

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