Quick Trim Reviews

The Quick Trim line of dietary supplements have been recently endorsed by and associated with Kim Kardashian, that has been well documented. But, beyond the showbiz glitz, does anything about these products stand out.

The range includes a supplement shake, at least 2 herbal supplements, a cleansing aid and a gel to lessen cellulite. Any Dieter signing up to the complete Quick Trim program is advised to use all Quick Trim supplements to achieve weight reduction. Many big retailers also stock these supplements individually.

Quick Trim gives several programs using different medications to select from. Apparently, these produce variable results. This plan is quite costly, so Dieters will need to seriously consider if they should commit to following it.

There are several individually packaged products in the Quicktrim portfolio including

  • Burn and Cleanse
  • Fast Cleanse
  • Extreme Burn
  • HotStix
  • Sugar and Carb Cheater

It looks as if the various herbal supplements contain some stimulant ingredients, like green tea extract, black pepper, caffeine and white willow. Inside the cleansing supplement are some diuretics, a couple of which (uva ursi and Juniper berry) could result in liver damage. The precise ingredients depends on the specific product being used.

Quick Trim What is In it

Cumulatively, the ingredients in Quick Trim are supposed to cleanse undesirable toxins and chemicals out of the body, and burn fat. Cleansing and detox are a modern dietary fad, because they apparently allow the body to operate better, and make losing weight and shedding fat a more straightforward task.

It is purported that good results will be evident within a couple of days, and that top athletes and Hollywood stars have been taking Quick Trim for quite some time.

Massive advertising budgets and branding aside though, there does not seem to be anything which differentiates Quick Trim from any other similar product.

The incomplete ingredients list which is offered suggests that it is virtually the same as innumerable other caffeine based products on the market. Some individuals could appreciate the novelty of picking various gels, shakes and pills, but other people will regard the need to use so many different supplements as bewildering and unnecessarily costly.

Quick Trim Positives

  • The products are backed by a well-known celebrity.
  • Big drugs-store outlets, like GNC, supply the supplements.

Quick Trim Negatives

*The multiple supplement Quick Trim range can rapidly become expensive.
*No complimentary trials are offered by the manufacturer at the moment.
*Scientific data is not shown.
*Might result in constipation.
*Quick Trim products look like they contain large amounts of caffeine.

Quick Trim Final Thoughts

With the backing of the Kardashian sisters, Quick Trim has managed to immediately position itself as a well-known dietary aid. The Quick Trim name has been used on multiple products, such as protein shakes, various pills, and even a treatment gel for cellulite. Nonetheless, there is a notably small amount of information concerning the contents of Quick Trim products.

Quick Trim diet tablets are said to be FDA approved, but clinical data on Quick Trim products is not offered to support this assertion. Hence, it could be more sensible to opt for a product that has  its’ clinical evidence and ingredients clearly displayed.

Very Hard To Recommend

Alternatives To Consider

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