Taking Diet Pills During Pregnancy

Should I take diet pills when pregnantDiscovering that you are pregnant is for most women a happy and joyous occasion. One of the obvious byproducts of pregnancy is weight gain.

During pregnancy the average weight gain is 20lb to 30lbs – this is the combined effect of not only the growing child but the additional calories that are taken on (while eating for two) and the obvious lack of exercise.

It is highly advised to refrain from using any weight loss, slimming or diet aids during the course of your pregnancy, if in doubt visit your GP.

So the age old of question of should I take diet pills while pregnant can be answered with a very blunt and succinct – no.

This though, can raise another question – why!

New studies have showed that if you don’t gain at least 15 pounds during your pregnancy your child has a moderate risk of being intellectually stunted. The first 9 months of an unborn childs life are their most important.

Reasons Not To Take Diet Pills When Pregnant

Despite the warnings, some expectant mothers still cannot resist the urge and do not refrain from using diet pills – the worse type of diet pills to take during pregnancy is the prescription only type.

Most prescribed diet pills are chemically based and pharmaceutical drugs aimed at both causing a physical and mental reaction. You should not subject your unborn child to the risks associated with prescription diet pills. More about Prescription Diet Pills

Herbal or natural slimming pills will not harm your baby to the potential extent of the GP prescribed pills but diet products as a whole are aimed at reducing your calorie intake.

The 9 months of pregnancy is one of the only periods where calorie counting and weight watching should go out the window. Your unborn child relies on you for nutrients, don’t disappoint.

Taking Diet Pills After Pregnancy

How to lose baby fat after childbirthSo whatabout when the child is born – are diet pills OK to use? Unfortunately if you are breastfeeding all of the above still implies.

Breast feeding involves the transference of nutrients from mother to child.

Any kind of supplement, herbal or otherwise is also introduced into the child and should not be taken unless under strict supervision from a GP.

When And How To Lose The Baby Weight

Trying to lose baby weight or baby fat after pregnancy is not helped by the celebrity. Celebrity pregnancy give perception that getting rid of the baby weight can happen almost instantly after giving birth.

“it takes 9 months to gain baby fat it …should take 9 months to lose it”

If the truth were to be told a high proportion of celebrities new mothers who claim to have lost their baby fat in an extremely short period after childbirth , in a majority of  cases have had some form of surgical procedure.

Professional nutritionists agree that as it takes 9 months to gain baby fat it should take 9 months to lose it – that is if you choose the healthy option.

So, How To Lose Baby Fat When No Longer Breastfeeding

Now that the child is not longer dependent on your body for nutrients you are free to use whatever means you see fit to shift the additional baby weight.

How to shed the baby weight after childbirthRecently US lifestyle magazine Florida Style featured an article titled Losing The Baby Weight

The article featured the use of natural supplements for women who have limited time and energy to devote to getting back in shape after childbirth and more importantly how to shift the baby fat.

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