Slimmers Delight Review

Slimmer’s Delight is a natural dietary supplement that is made up  of vitamins, minerals and amino acids and is formulated to aid weight management.

Slimmer’s Delight is not a stand alone diet pill as such, it is recommended for those currently on a diet or a healthy eating plan,

The main ingredients are as follows:

L-Tyrosine – Is a non essential amino acid (protein building block necessary for optimum health) that the body synthesizes from phenylalanine, another amino acid. It is important to the structure of almost all proteins in the body. L-Tyrosine also acts as an appetite suppressant.

Chitosan – Is a special fibre which has the ability to absorb fats and oils, by binding with fat molecules and converting them into a form which the human body will not absorb. Chitosan though, is still relatively untried on human beings.

Coleus Forskohlii – Is a natural plant extract that can promote excess fat loss whilst retaining lean muscle tissue.

Guarana – Is beneficial for overall health, and improves stamina and endurance.

Chromium – A staple ingredient used to synthesize fats and proteins in the body.

Does Slimmer Delight Cause Side Effects

Should not cause any side effects if taken as recommended.

Does Slimmers Delight Work – Is It Recommended

Not the most potent of diet pill – although Guarana is an interesting and potent ingredient.

Looking Elsewhere

In April 2011 the MHRH (Medicine and Health Regulatory Authority) in accordance with EU regulations has deemed that diet pills can only be sold to a UK customer base if the product meets certain criteria. While hundreds of competing brands have and are disappearing Proactol Plus remains.

Proactol Plus is Legal, Effective  and Available without prescription

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