Slim Shot Effervescent Diet Drink

Slim shot effervescent slimming drinkSlimShot is the effervescent slimming drink than can eliminate, restrict the absorption and burn fat.

Take three soluble tablets per day – one in the morning, one at noon and one before bedtime.

All you have to do is pop a tablet into a glass of water to create a powerful fat burning thermogenic slimming drink that works in tandem with your natural body clock.

How Does SlimShot Work

Three fat burning products in one each delivering specific chronoslimming technology helping your body to reduce excess body fat throughout the day.

Delivered in soluble tablet form to produce an effective, refreshing slimming drink.

Slimshot fat burning diet drink

Slim Shot Morning The orange tube is for when you wake up – a combination of mate, green coffee, green tea and olive wood can rid your body of excess or surplus fat by raising the metabolic rate and increasing energy expenditure.

Slim Shot Noon This is the green tube – this contains citrus pectins, apple pectins and guar gum effectively moderates the appetite, thus helping to restrict the absorption of sugars and fats. Cider vinegar helps to restrict fat storage.

Slim Shot Night The purple tube combines chromium and papaya that help to reduce appetite and prevent the absorption of fat.

Buy SlimShotWhere To Buy SlimShot

Slimshot is part of the range of diet products and can be purchased online by visiting

A current supply costs just under £10 at £9.98